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Sophia calls on Russian TV presenter, the newly elected State Duma deputy from the "United Russia " Peter Tolstoy public apology for offensive remarks against the Bulgarian state.
21-09-2016, 17:15 Read more
Bulgaria is known loyalty to Russia
2-07-2016, 10:31 Read more
In the Bulgarian town Albena
28-06-2016, 17:14 Read more

The biggest Bulgarian private gas distribution company " Ukrgas " sued the company " Gazprom export " for the suspension (December 2015) supplies fuel
7-04-2016, 21:00 Read more

Scored 6 points of 9 possible
28-09-2015, 15:35 Read more

Bulgaria will open an air corridor for Russian aircraft heading to Syria, provided that Moscow will check the goods
9-09-2015, 15:40 Read more

requires an explanation from Moscow Sofia because Bulgaria has refused to provide an air corridor for progress in Syria Russian military transport planes
9-09-2015, 13:20 Read more

organized charitable tour with which managed to collect funds
22-08-2015, 12:42 Read more

According to overseas travel except in the visa-free country
25-07-2015, 13:13 Read more
Буковинці найчастіше їдуть відпочивати до Одеси та Болгарії
Tourists from Chernivtsi ignore annexed Crimea rest in
8-07-2015, 14:49 Read more
Юну красуню з Буковини запрошують до Бразилії та Туреччини
Now Mary chooses to which beauty contest go
1-07-2015, 15:06 Read more
Борець з Буковини переміг на турнірі в Німеччині
Triumphed in the category up to 63 kg
23-06-2015, 10:46 Read more
У Чернівцях на автокросі горів автомобіль спортсмена із Болгарії (ФОТО)
Competitor was not injured, extinguished the fire in time
21-06-2015, 16:34 Read more
У Чернівцях відбувається автокрос

Will last for two days
20-06-2015, 10:22 Read more
До Чернівців на чемпіонат України з автокросу приїдуть спортсмени з трьох країн
Competitions will be held June 20-21 on the road "Supercross "
19-06-2015, 13:47 Read more
Українка виборола золоту медаль Європейських ігор

Alina colossus-Stadnyk became the first Ukrainian athletes who won European gold award games
15-06-2015, 21:35 Read more
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Країни ЄС хочуть реалізувати транзит газу через Україну

"Naftogaz " and it "daughter " "Ukrtransgaz " received requests from companies hazotreydynhovыh of EU gas flows through Ukraine between Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
22-04-2015, 16:37 Read more
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