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На карантин зачиняють школи майже у всіх районах Буковини
Children learn in Putila and Vyzhnytsky areas
20-01-2016, 17:54 Read more
residents should be wary of all districts
19-01-2016, 16:35 Read more
The most important thing for the past day
19-01-2016, 08:30 Read more
established a real winter
18-01-2016, 08:02 Read more
Although cure influenza and pneumonia they can not , say doctors
16-01-2016, 18:47 Read more
People believe that it was swine flu
16-01-2016, 15:59 Read more
Jan. 15 of pneumonia was found in 52 people
16-01-2016, 13:59 Read more
of morbidity epidporog exceeded in two districts
16-01-2016, 10:21 Read more
У  районах Буковини школи на карантин поки що не зачинятимуть

There, children with SARS are sick less than in Chernivtsi
15-01-2016, 17:52 Read more
The most important thing for the last day
15-01-2016, 08:30 Read more
will come snow 7
14-01-2016, 08:02 Read more
The most important thing for the last day
13-01-2016, 08:30 Read more
Today, more heat will be
13-01-2016, 08:02 Read more
"Буковина" розпочала другий збір
team came after the New Year and Christmas holidays
12-01-2016, 19:42 Read more
In his action man sees nothing unusual
12-01-2016, 18:46 Read more
So more people are treated in hospital
12-01-2016, 16:23 Read more
Members of the Agrarian Party in no hurry to register
14-12-2015, 11:32 Read more
На Буковині відкрили ще один міст
This will reduce the distance to village farmers ten kilometers
12-12-2015, 18:10 Read more
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