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Румунські митники страйкують і не пускають російські фури в Україну
The queue to leave Ukraine stretches for 5 kilometers
15-02-2016, 09:19 Read more
Even the Ministry of Education does not know when students can provide all the manuals
11-02-2016, 18:58 Read more
Compared to the previous week
9-02-2016, 16:55 Read more
In some villages - a high incidence of influenza and SARS
9-02-2016, 16:34 Read more
At the beginning of the week will be dry, then rain will come
8-02-2016, 08:02 Read more
У складі «Буковини» - четверо новачків

The two defenders and two forwards
6-02-2016, 13:26 Read more

The decision is taken by each school individually
6-02-2016, 09:30 Read more
Карантин у школах на Буковині відпрацюють
Seal and canceled vacation program
5-02-2016, 11:00 Read more
Дикий ведмідь на Буковині, який восени напав на грибника, заснув лише наприкінці зими
After cooling and the appearance of snow
4-02-2016, 14:05 Read more
By March 1 zayavlyatsya twenty teams
3-02-2016, 16:34 Read more
To reduce the number of management positions
2-02-2016, 13:56 Read more
28-01-2016, 08:02 Read more
Cases of SARS - more than 10,000
26-01-2016, 01:21 Read more
The players trained in the mode of double sessions a day
25-01-2016, 18:46 Read more
A man and a woman died a day after hospitalization
25-01-2016, 14:39 Read more
Violators will give police the European Union
25-01-2016, 11:30 Read more
In 9 cases involved people found
25-01-2016, 10:01 Read more
On forced vacations Students will also Vyzhnytsya area
22-01-2016, 18:09 Read more
On January 8, SARS became ill almost 15,000 people
22-01-2016, 16:55 Read more
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