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Interior Minister Arsen Avakov criticized the Finance Ministry for the delay in financing housing for employees of the National Police in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions
27-09-2016, 16:16 Read more

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov intends to initiate legislative strengthening Parliament presumption of innocence police
26-09-2016, 11:05 Read more
Sergey Piligrim received in June, almost 15 thousand salary
31-07-2016, 16:21 Read more
People's Deputy Minister appealed to the relevant letter
24-07-2016, 13:47 Read more

Meanwhile, Interior Minister called for a radical pro-Ukrainian organization "cool ", noting that law enforcement agencies have the strength and capacity to stop the destabilization

13-07-2016, 19:10 Read more

MIA will replace inter registration and examination departments of the State within 9 months

12-07-2016, 18:51 Read more
patrol police Chernivtsi celebrating one hundred days
9-07-2016, 18:41 Read more

State will issue id-identification, based on their national number plate can print in any of the ten licensed companies
13-06-2016, 20:25 Read more

The Minister supported the volunteer battalions and said that for the first time gives the official statistics on injuries and fatalities in units of the Interior Ministry and Natshvardiyi in the area of ATO
18-04-2016, 18:15 Read more

MP of " Popular Front " Anton Gerashchenko said the agreement " BPP " " NF " to the effect that Interior Minister and Ming ' yustu Arsen Avakov Paul Smith will remain in their positions in the Cabinet.
10-04-2016, 19:55 Read more
Maxim Bourbaki sent a deputy's request to the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov
3-04-2016, 12:57 Read more
Bourbaki photographed cabinet of Sergey Pilihrima
7-03-2016, 13:28 Read more

The reform of the Interior Ministry structure depends on the reform of the district , for its implementation need an additional $ 350 million
14-02-2016, 16:50 Read more
Avakov said that in the event of the resignation will not go policy
13-02-2016, 11:22 Read more
Today patrol operating in 12 cities,
10-02-2016, 13:20 Read more

Leader VO " Svoboda " Oleg Tyahnybok won the case against Interior Minister Arsen Avakov

9-02-2016, 12:21 Read more

During the strategic meeting with President Poroshenko in early January before the premiere ' yerom Arseniy Yatsenyuk made a claim replace Interior Minister Arsen Avakov to any other candidate
21-01-2016, 19:15 Read more

Cabinet significantly increased police salaries , compared with the police , and it will reach tens of thousand
4-12-2015, 16:00 Read more
After arrival in Ukraine Dmitry Firtash Natspolitsiyeyu be detained on the fact of appeal Ming ' yustu US to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine
29-11-2015, 14:50 Read more
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