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Local residents are satisfied with the repair
5-08-2016, 11:05 Read more
For such work the contractor has received 4.5 million hryvnias
31-07-2016, 15:03 Read more
The contractor promises to replace the destroyed part of the road surface
1-06-2016, 12:48 Read more
The rise in Storozhynechchyni Kam'yaneckoy
10-12-2015, 10:20 Read more
The train in winter will be provided
17-11-2015, 11:22 Read more
On the streets Kosmodemyanskoy car suddenly fell through the asphalt
9-10-2015, 14:59 Read more

Half the streets are filled with asphalt
3-10-2015, 08:29 Read more
Asphalt is the basis of the road
15-09-2015, 11:27 Read more
Because of the limited funding
9-09-2015, 15:49 Read more
remove the upper layer of new asphalt and lay
25-08-2015, 17:29 Read more
Служба автодоріг Буковини переплатила підрядникам понад 1,5 мільйона гривень
The audit materials submitted to law enforcement agencies
10-08-2015, 16:10 Read more

Completed overhaul asfaltnogo covering automobile bridge in green
25-07-2015, 12:01 Read more
Вулицю Воробкевича у Чернівцях нарешті планують здати в експлуатацію
Started with the installation of the top layer of asphalt
18-07-2015, 13:24 Read more
The park named after Taras Shevchenko holiday held " Visiting fairy "
12-07-2015, 17:52 Read more
В Україні починають ремонтувати дороги бетонною сумішшю
Already have a project on the area of road Kherson - Nikolaev - Kirovograd
27-06-2015, 13:59 Read more
Чернівецькі дорожники взялись за ремонт міжбудинкових проїздів (ФОТО)
Overhaul passages began on the street. Hundreds of Heaven, 12A-15 and Boulevard. Heroes of Stalingrad 10-12
30-05-2015, 14:32 Read more
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