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The man had not yet turned 46
6-09-2016, 10:35 Read more
Vitaly buried Chuntula July 27
26-07-2016, 09:37 Read more
In the villages of Anatolia and Kaplivka opened monuments countrymen who have died in Ukraine
20-06-2016, 09:48 Read more
Military Prosecutor's Office opened criminal proceedings
10-06-2016, 13:30 Read more

30 and 31 May will miss Krutofostom ordinary Vitali
28-05-2016, 10:24 Read more
Kulish said the ATO members deserve special attention and support
24-03-2016, 13:30 Read more
lucky Olivier, gnocchi , ravioli , fruit
14-03-2016, 13:49 Read more
Soldiers helped us treat teeth and hold dental prosthesis
13-02-2016, 09:35 Read more
The mayor of Chernivtsi offered to sign a memorandum under which carriers do not refuse to transport combatants
3-02-2016, 18:48 Read more
Alexander Tkachuk presented a new video project
6-12-2015, 11:43 Read more

Due BSMU graduates in 2015 was acquired body armor class 4+ and Kevlar helmet.
22-11-2015, 22:26 Read more
Igor Balaboskyn awarded for personal courage and heroism
11-11-2015, 01:40 Read more

Ministry of Defense requests to allocate from the state budget in 2016 to 67.8 billion UAH for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
17-09-2015, 18:05 Read more
A cold autumn were more likely to hurt
12-09-2015, 16:58 Read more
The station operated the farm in the village Melovoye , which is located on the border with Russia
28-07-2015, 13:32 Read more
 Italian children from Bukovina and other western regions gave nakolyadovani funds wounded soldiers
The video volunteers and thank them all Italian blahochyntsyam
4-02-2015, 19:11 Read more
 A student who transferred from Lugansk to Chernivtsi , he volunteered for the East
After a six-month training at CNU decided to defend Ukraine in the area of ATO
8-12-2014, 12:49 Read more
 Military ATO from Bukovina have not yet received the status of combatants
Cases involving the acquisition of this status are considered in Kiev
29-11-2014, 09:49 Read more
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