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Poroshenko, 115 of the Criminal Code, 12 years old, 12 ˝˛­ÓÔ, 13 August, 130 years, 140 anniversary committee, 140 years, 1430030698_klychko, 15 degrees, 150 years old, 16 years old, 17 District Deputies, 17 provinces, 18, 1940, 1944, 1964, 1974, 1986, 1996-1997, 2 hryvnia, 2 ░ below zero, 20, 200 points, 200 points English, 2000, 20000, 2003, 2014, 2015 election turnout, 2015, 2015 "won, 2016, 21chervnya, 23 people, 23025, 2374, 24 NON STOP, 24boxing, 25th anniversary celebration, 300 Regiment, 340-680, 37185, 38 years old, 3D, 3D printer, 3G, 3G- network, 3G-Internet, 4 Vice-Miss, 40, 425 such deaths, 429, 458 306, 458306, 48500, 4G, 4G- communication, 4x100, 5 degrees, 5 wave, 50 percent of wrong, 50 percent of wrong presentation, 50 years old, 500 banknotes, 500 years of history, 50000, 5168742013654664, 55, 56 724, 5G network, 6 wave, 6 ˝ňšţÝ, 7 wave of mobilization plans, 70 cm, 74 people, 75 years, 75 years Chernovtsy region, 75th anniversary, 800 meters European Championships, 85 mm, 9 May, 9 thousand, 90h50, 90, 91, 95 quarter, 9th graders, ????? ?????, ?????? ?????????, ????????, a, a 5 ░ C, a bag of potatoes, a ban on employment, a bashing, a bill banning allow said, a bill defender, a bill Parliament, a bit, a bomb, a bomb Centre, a book presentation Tselanivskyy center, a boy, a brain, a breakthrough existed, a bribe of $ 900, a bribe pledge tax, a bribe sentence, a briefing last, a bronze medal Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a bucket, a budget, a bus load of 200, a can, a car, a car accident, a champion of Europe, a chance to see, a charity evening concert, a chief city, a chief election, a child, a child almost, a child lost, a child via the Child, a citizen of Moldova, a citizen of Romania, a city auction, a city Bryaskalo, a city Chernivtsi, a city created Novoyavorivsk, a city Doholicha, a city irises, a city MP, a city much, a city native, a city near the regional, a city of Chernivtsi, a city of Lugansk, a city of Ternopil, a city of them, a city on fire, a city require Ukraine Russian, a city survey, a city water supply, a coalition exit, a coalition representing the people, a cold, a colleague, a collision systems, a combination of good, a community room, a company house, a company owned by Russia, a company station, a company subsidiary, a competition license, a complaint, a concert, a concert singer, a concert tour, a condition doctors, a condition of sale, a condition show as an hour in July, a condition suffered Parliament, a consortium of the case, a consumption limit, a country betrayed friends, a country first, a country more needed finance, a country of many countries turned out, a country of some kind, a country of space, a court, a crime, a crime also resident, a criminal, a crisis, a cultural, a dangerous type, a day of mourning, a death, a decision against the director, a decision announced seven, a decision followed a similar, a decision helicopter, a decision now, a decision of the European Union, a decision 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of problems, a lot of work, a majority voted to start, a man, a man better odor perception, a man came to happen, a man committed suicide, a man drowned, a man found a place were, a man killed, a man killer, a man kisses a cold goodbye, a man more alcohol, a man of, a man of dollars Sevostyanova, a man originated, a man related, a man reported initiator, a man reservoirs, a man Scientists level, a man should, a man Storozhynets, a man took, a man Ukraine, a man volunteers sugar level, a man wanted, a man was detained, a man was killed, a man wounded victims, a map, a matter of using robots, a measure of application, a medal, a memorial service for the victims of riflemen, a memorial service is planned, a method can result in, a method of differentiation, a military court, a military doctor, A military service compulsory, a military surgeon, a million and a half, a million barrels of drilling previously, a million deaths, a million dollar agreement concluded, a million dollars, a million hryvnia, a million more revenue, a minor, a minute of silence, a moment, a month, a monument, a monument to Lenin, a monument to our Abram, a mood, a murder case, a murder investigation, a national, a nationwide tour, a native, a native of Donetsk, a need, a need to better, a neighbor, a new, a new album, a new application Philharmonic, a new evaluation, a new government program government, a new house, a new party, a new wave of mobilization, a news reporter, a noted complicated, a number, a number also states, a pair of season, a pane of glass, a panel, a partner, a partner will, a party place, a passenger trolley, a path known settlement of political, a period characterized by early, a period known citizen, a period of imprisonment, a person, a person admitted crime, a person creates, a person death caused, a person disguised, a person Ellison, a person entering, a person Gavrilyuk, a person is, a person is established, a person known East involved, a person must' eat, a person of his power, a person only, a person UDSNS, a petition Poroshenko, a phenomenon dubbed, a phone prankster, a pillar, a place, a place also award held, a place beloved river, a place doubles, a place illegally, a place in line, a place kept, a place of arms is, a place of Bukovina, a place of criminal, a place of happiness, a place of tourism, a place some, a place that, a place to turn, a place visited, a place worth, a plaque, a plaque Pelech, a political scientist, a political scientist also certain, a popular, a position contrary, a positive result, a possible means to compare, a powerful May, a pre- election, A pre- election won spetsdilnytsya, a predator, a priority country, a problem also, a process of escalation, a process pipe, a process started, a process that allows updates of our important and vital, a process' yazah, a program, a program of the Blessed, a program shooting, a project of the circulation, a project of the law, a project Tax Code, a project week, a project which, a public inspector, a public place, a quarter, a quarter of the material dropped, a record race, a referendum, a referendum migrants, a referendum pension increase, a referendum voted locations, a regional labor, a relative of Kim Il Sung, a report of allegations, a representative, a request, a resident, a resident of origin, a resolution last year, a rest, a restaurant in the Carpathians, a result, a robbery, a rocket explosion, a row, a Russian, a Russian court sentence, a Russian diplomat wanted, a school, a scooter, a second, a second round election commission, a self- nominee, a semi-final, a sense of men, a separate creation, a series of detained women, a sick, a side, a significant part, a significant promise, a similar, a single fee, a single payment, a single tax news Czernowitz, a situation are, a situation August, a situation complicated, a situation described, a situation lacking, a situation last, a situation stabilization currency exposure, a situation way of functioning, a small, a small amount, a small concert, a small few times, a small gusts, a small number, a small western, a soldier counterparts, a soldier who died, a special Decree, a special July, a special law, a special mode, a special status, a special unit, a specialized school, a spokesman, a spokesman Andrei Lysenko, a state of alcoholic, a statement of circumstances, a statement officially announced Alexander, a statement release, a statement said, a statement said Russia Sergey says talks chapter, a story, a straight line, a string, a student, a study among, a study found, a study level care, a subsidiary, a substance affects positively Scientists impact, a substance teaflaviniv, a suicide bomber, a survey conducted, a survey of residents of the disease, a suspicious object, a symbol, a system, a system is, a system of credits, a tale of all, a tax, a tax bribe, a tax bribe court, a taxi, a teacher, a team player, a telephone, a term some ' yaznennya, a terrorist organization, a theatrical circle, a thermometer, a third of adults Skrypnykova, a thousand, a thousand boxes of our line, a thousand cubic meters, a thousand people, a time now, a time period, a time Poroshenko now commenced, a tool of war, a tour, a tourist, a tournament that, a tournament won, a town made public probably made car DVR, a tree, a truck, a truck through, a version Lutsenko, a veteran of UPA, a video reminder, a violation, a visa-free regime with EU, a visit to Ukraine, a war that, a warehouse, a way to forget cholesterol, a way to prevent, a way to undermine society, a week, a willingness, a woman, a woman called to help, a woman came out, a woman director, a woman go, a woman living, a woman means to prevent, a woman of nothingness, a woman was killed, a world featherweight, a world issue, a world medal - Olga, a young man stabbed, a young man than the police, a young mother, A., A321, A321 black boxes, A321 crash, abandon, abandoned, abandonment, abdomen, Abdominal, abdominal pain, abducted, abduction, Abete, abilities, ability, Abkhazia declared independence Hadzhymba, able, able stressed declared country of Serbia, able to have, able to indicate view the results directly, able to work, abnormal, abolished, abolition, abortion, abortion should be young, about, about 800 hryvnia, about a few, about brothers, about cholesterol, about health, about participation, about probably shells meters, about publicly, about suffering, about the prosecution, about the results, Above, above all, Abraham Tabachnik, Abram, Abram'yuk, Abram'yuk also educational, Abram'yuk teachers, Abramov, Abramova, abroad, abroad documents, Abromavichus, Abromavichus GDP, Abromavichus resignation, Abromavicius, Abromavychus, Abromavychus Andriy Pasichnyk, Abromavychus resignation, Abromavychus States, Abromavychusa 's dismissal, Abroskin, Abruptly, absence, absence of, absence of credit, Absent, absenteeism, Absinthe, absolute, absolute champion title, absolutely, absolutely Now, absorb, absorbed, absorbent, abstain, abstained, abstinence, abstract, absurd, abundant, abuse, abuse problem, abuse Recall area Papiev, abused, abuses, abusing try, Acacia, Acacia emphasize institutions, Acad, academic, academic area, academic buildings, academician, academics, academies, Academy, accelerate, accelerated, accelerated arsenic, accelerated significantly, accelerating tasks, acceleration, acceleration Institute, accentuated also human, accept, accept a second, accept return, acceptable, acceptance, accepted, accepted account also of, accepted the mayor's office, accepting, accepting such problem, accepts, access, access centers work caused, access information, access information classified, access minister, access restrictions, access rozsekrechuyutsya, access to mountain, access to the mountain, accessed, accession, accession documents specialties, accessories, accident, Accident accident deaths, Accident accident victim Cathedral Square, accident accidents, accident accidents car, accident accidents Ropcha, accident accidents Storozhynets, Accident Avenue, accident Bukovynka, accident car, Accident car column, accident cause, accident Chagor, accident chernivchanyn, Accident died, accident dirty water, accident DSNS, accident Formarket, accident Gorbova, accident Hlyboka area Terebleche, accident inspector, accident Kalinka, accident Kalinowski, accident Lomachyntsi, accident Mahala, accident motorcyclist, accident Ostrytsya, accident risk, Accident Sadowski, accident Sorbonne, accident statistics, accident Storozhynets, accident Tisovets, Accident victim, accident victims, accident Vynnychenka, accident witnesses, accidents, accidents Academy, Accidents Ave., Accidents Ave. cyclist, Accidents baby Damage, Accidents Bukovinets, Accidents Bukovynka, accidents carrier, Accidents chernivyaanka, accidents Chunkiv, accidents column, Accidents Fastiv, accidents Galician way, Accidents Glybochok, Accidents jeep ditch, Accidents Kalinowski, accidents killed, accidents Mamayivtsi, Accidents Novoselytsia, Accidents Novoselytsya, accidents Opel, Accidents Prypruttia athlete, accidents Ravlyuk, Accidents Rostov region, Accidents Sagaydachnogo bus, Accidents Snyatin, Accidents Storozhynets, Accidents Storozhynets court, accidents Storozhynets district, Accidents Strointsi, accidents synagogue, Accidents Tarasivka, Accidents velosypedyt, Accidents velykyi kuchuriv, Accidents Vinnytchina, accidents Vinnytchina bus, Accidents Vynnychenka hatch, Accidents Warburg wheel, Accidents weekend, Accidents Yaremche accident, accommodation, accommodation actually vidshukano, Accommodation Donbass Poroshenko peacekeeping mission, accompanied, accompanied by concerts, accompanied by the right to free, accomplishment, Accord ", accordance, According, according agreed to be established, according applicable, according Biden arrived, according exclude, According lasts, according lives, according neighboring, according sensitive, according to, according to 'go, according to called, according to continue, according to each area, according to Minsk, According to monitoring, according to need, According to representatives included, according to revised data, according to said received, according to the decision of, according to the Ministry, according to the politician, according to the report, according to the situations first, according to traditions, according to Vladimir, according to which, according to which the largest, according visit, Accordingly, accordion, account, account administration, Account after, account books, account control, Account convoy, account expired, account for subsidies will receive, account Indeed, account maintenance, account only loans, account recommendations funds, Account Scientists syndrome, account should, account size, account villa, account was, account will, Account wins, account years of cooperation, accountability, accountable, accountant, accounted, accounting, accounts, accounts and, accounts Dubnevycha, accreditation, Accreditation Hitlyanska, accruals, accrued employees, accumulate, Accumulate dangerously, accumulated, accumulated believe genetic, accumulates said, accumulating, accumulation, accuracy, accuracy is required, accuracy of, accurate, accurate information, accusations of money laundering, accused, accused Abroskin, accused Mayboros, accused of bribes, accused of several quoted, accused the President, accustomed Ridkivtsi, acetaminophen, achieve note takes property rights, achieve positive bone volume, achieved close embrace, achieved impossible decision, achieved rapid stabilization, achievement, achievements, achiever, acid, acid build up, acid disorders, acid poisoning, acid stomach, acidity, acidophilus, acids, acknowledged Abkhazia known, acknowledged Adventure, acknowledged begun, acknowledged better player, acknowledged category classification, acknowledged molodvanyna, acknowledged MP, acknowledged the opposition, acknowledged Ukraine will have, acne, acne may, acoustic house concert, acquire, acquired, acquires, acquisition, acquisition expense, acquisition suspect illegal, acquittal, acres, across, across the " Recall leave, acrylic, act, act different, act of terrorism, act on, act schoolchild provide necessary, acted, Acting, acting intentionally, action, action by, action park, action plan, action taken, action tomorrow, action was stopped, actions, actions Patriarchate element to one, actions taken, activate, activate cell, Activate Russia against sanctions, activate work, activated, activation, activation took, active, active attacks, active cup awarded medals received, active institution, active mode, active person coup supported, active steadily increasing, active thyroid, active wife, actively, actively running, activism, activist, activist bribe, activist euromaidan, activist Porubne, activist Zhyzhyyan, activists, activists analysis, activists blockade requirements, activists hide behind, activists homeland, activists minister bloc resignation, activists Porubne, activists protest, activists rally, activists there, activists unlock, activities, activities continue, activities director, Activities greater population militants is occupied, activities Konev, Activities of, activities of last year, Activities presidential approval, activities should, activity, activity category, activity data Roskomnahlyad, activity groups, activity increased, activity monitoring, activity of small, activity originated, activity Physical formed, activity room, activity sheets, actor, actors, actress, acts, acts of terrorism, acts paid, acts shocked violations, actual hours, actually, ACU, acute, acute consequences, acute disease, acute intestinal infection, acute morbidity, acute poisoning department, acute temporarily meet, ad, Ad Hoc reached following, ad placement, ad position, Adam Shubin, adapt, adapted list, add, add succeed, add to favorites, added, added a new and cooling can reach, added antirecord, added defense, added distance, added driving, added fees, added filed, added fire, added funding, added Ministerial Cabinet, added Moskal territory Monday, added power, added remains Staff transmitting warned, added Secretary, added significantly higher early, added the representative, added the secretary-general, added to, Adder, adder bites, addicting, addiction, addictive, addictive thoughts, addicts, adding, adding a chapter explained season discount, adding Commerce, adding less oil can, adding participants, adding Poland, adding the city, adding the situation restless, adding there, addition, additional, additional Allies, additional diviziyi, additional education, additional equipment, additional missed, additional objects, additions, additives, address, address points, addressed, addressed accused, addressed shareholders, addresses, adds, adds it, adenocarcinoma, adenoviruses, adequate, adherence, adhesive, Adidas, adipose, adjacent, adjacent arose, adjust, adjustable, adjusted, adjustments, administration, administration bodies, administration chapter falls, administration head, Administration Moskal, administration of the drug, Administration of the President 's visit, administration orders, administration utilities, administration words, administrations, administrations more, administrative, administrative building, Administrative Court, administrative leaders, administrative Meanwhile, administrative organizations, Administrative resources, administrative units, administratsiyivul, adminstyahnennya, Admiral, admire, admire the flowers, admire the home can, admiring, admission, admission campaign, admission may, admissions, admit, admit hardest, admits knowledge, admitted, admitted benefited, admitted Chernivtsi, admitted council, admitted guy, admitted head, admitted inspectors stolen, admitted meeting, admitted murder her, admitted people an alternative, admitted Recall, admitted responsibility, admitted right, admitted survey, admitted Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, admitted the crime, admitted the man Kitsmansky, admitted the offenses committed, adolescence, Adolescents whose mothers took, adopt, adopt laws, adopted, adopted children, adopting, adoption, Adoption of children, adrenal, adrenal glands, Adrian, Adrian Bukovina, Adriano, Adriano 'yachamy, ads, adult, adult chernivchanok totaled, adult children feel pain, adult skills, adulteration, adultery, adulthood, adults, adults each, advance signs, advance version, advanced, advancing, advantage, Advantages Revolution Day, Adventure, Adventure conduct recruitment, adventure State came, adventure told him, adventurers, advertisement, advertising, advertising banners, advertising budget revenues, advertising media, advice, advise, advise cardiologists, advise daily low, Advise experts, advise hydroxy acids formed, advise scientists, advise the reason script specialist opinion, adviser, adviser Poroshenko, Advisor, advisory, advocacy, advocate, advocates, Aegean sea, aegis, aenroport, aerial, aerial photography, aerobatic, aerobatics, aerobic, aerobics, Aeroflot, Aeronautics, Aesop, aesthetic, Afanasyev, affair, affairs, affairs committee, affairs programs, affect, affect population, Affected, affected counties, affected this year, Affected Ukraine, Affected Yarmolinetskiy, affecting children, affection, affects, affects different information, affiliates, affiliation, affirmed in part, Affleck, affordable, afforestation, Afghan troops, Afghanistan, Afghanistan suicide bomber, Afghanistan veterans, Afghans, afraid, afraid few corpse, afraid University, Africa, African, African American, African plague Khotyn district, African police, African swine, African swine fever, African swine fever virus, Africans, after, after ' Friday, after a few, after advisable, after all, after always, after architect, After breaks, after children, after commissions, After complaints, after Decree, after disease, after doctor, After former, after four included thousands, After gradually, after history, After hours, After identified, after important, after increases, after journalists have changed today, after July, after last year, after less life stress, after Libya received, after lines, after many, after many wounded, after practically Radzikhovsky, after quickly, after realize going, after restored, after Russia, after series began, after shares written, after sleeping, after source, after suffering, after the, after the authorities received, after the changes, after the child responsible, after the development, after the European, after the facts, after the future, after the gate, after the last, after the plot, after the secondary area, after the situation, after the tenth enrolled, after the vote, after the voting, after thirteen, after three times, after today, after women, after work, aftercare, afternoon, afternoon thunderstorms, aftershock, again, again fought the Turks, again komisovanym final, against, against a low, against acts, against appealed, against April, against Chernivtsi Sadgora, against compensation, against competition Sichenikova, against complaints that, against countries, against crime, against crimes as aggression, against decisions Iceland, against Dmitry leader also stock, against European, against European defeat, against Experts showed the center as, against force, against Greece, Against Guinea, against hope, against July, against Kalynivskyi sentence, against more sees probability applications, against Oleg case KOLCHENKO sentence, against participation, Against Ponomariov, against President Yanukovych, against probability, against resolution tribunal flight, against Russia, Against Russia forum of passes, against Russia in particular claimed find questions answered, Against sanctions, Against sanctions affairs, against the alliance, against the case, against the library, against the majority, against the Ministry, against the national team, against the President, against the said source, against the sanctions debate, against the suspension, against the team, against the trend of convergence, against this, Against tuberculosis, against type, against Ukraine, against vaccines, against war, age, age: women, agencies, agencies will know, agency, agency issues, Agency Moody's, agency officials, agency staff, agency suspects kilogram, agenda, agent, agent service, agents, Agero, ages, aggravating, aggravation, aggregate, aggression, Aggression consequences raw-foodists, aggressive, aggressive child, aggressive power Nebozhenko, aggressor, aggressor State, aging, aging most rapidly include, Aging mother, aging remedy mice Institute, aging tests complete, agitation, agitation assistance, agitators, agrarian, Agrarian Fund, Agrarian Party, agree, agree to the enemy, agreed, agreed freshmen, agreed German question, agreed hack, agreed members of, agreed Recall Rather, agreed replacement, agreed Sadgirsky, agreed the committee, agreed to run, agreement, Agreement a reality, agreement of, Agreement process also ministers, Agreement project, agreement signing, agreement was for a period, agreements, agreements ..., agreements airport, agreements closed, agreements concluded, agreements ekskalatsiyi made entirely remain clearly understand violence, agreements have, agreements have agreed this, Agreements Kerry, agreements made, agreements Minsk, agreements Minsk now, agreements Minsk stipulate February, agreements observers, agreements on, agreements prohibited, agreements reached, agreements signed, agreements violated, Agricole, agricultural, agricultural and food producers are invited, agricultural crops, agricultural farm, agricultural producers, agricultural services, agriculture, agriculture and more foreign, agriholdings hectares, agro, agroindustrial complex, Agronomist, AH1N1, ahead, ahead of schedule, Ahtem, Ahusevych a little older, AIBA, aid, aid -Modern, aid ambulance grew, Aid convoy, aid declined, aid department, aid framework, aid internally, aid Kaspruk, 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area data are expected, Area Debaltseve, area development, area Donbas August, area Dubrovytsya, area events, area farms, Area fighters separate, Area fire, Area fire protection bodies, area fixed, Area fixed direction remains Multiple Motuzyanyk noted also got injured, area furamy, Area further, area governor, area Hertsa, Area hospitals, Area June degrees, Area Kelmenetsky, area Khotyn district, area kizonka react, area law enforcement officers, area light, area lines used artillery, area Lukiyanovycha, Area Lysenko, area management, area MP, Area Myronyuk, area name, area Oblavtodor, area occupied, area of ATO, area of distribution, Area of Maidan, Area of the airport, area officials, Area over, area patrol, area Peklushenko, area Philharmonic, area police, Area Poroshenko, Area positions, area president, Area pro, Area property, area residential, area residents list, Area result, Area Sakai, area schools, area search, area Shokina, area shopping, area Shyrokynomu, area small degree, Area Sokyryany, area specified, area Stanychno, area support, Area system, Area Taran, Area thy each, area today, area weapons millimeters shooting, area weather, area workers, Area Yakymchuk, Area Zastavna, Area Zhyzhyyana, areas, areas allow the burning of others, areas also work, areas Carpathians, areas checked, areas Chernivtsi, areas controlled, areas controlled completely, areas finished the job, areas found four, areas Frankivsk, Areas Hlybotsi, areas Kitsmansky, areas last, areas Matviyenko, areas NTSUKS, areas of Donetsk, areas of objects, areas of reforms, areas of work, areas only, areas outlined aware, areas Pashanyuk, areas problems, areas pukntiv, areas suffered, areas Ten persons appointed Gertsaevsky, areas today, areas troops hour situation caliber, areas Vyzhnytsky, areas west, areas Zastavna, Arena, arena Firtash, arena Nyschuk, argenteus, Argentina, Argentine, arginase, arginine, argue, Argue accident, argue compensates habit, argue experience, argue experts to help, argue patient improved, argue recorded Observers recorded, argue scientists minute enough, argue your opinion, argued claimed, argues, argues fighters sector, argues leader, argues sector, arguing, arguments, Arina, arise, arise new, arises main symptoms, arising, aristocratic trifles Fair, ariston Chernivtsi, arithmetic, arithmetically influences, Arizona, Arkadah, Arkady, Arkady Zhukovsky, arm, arm-wrestling, armament, armaments, armaments continues, armchair, armed, Armed Forces, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Armed killed, armed OSCE, armed police mission, armed to vote, Armenia, Armenian, Armenian border, Armenian Police, Armenians as genocide, Armenians century, Armenians fought, armies, armor, armored, armored car, armored door Chernivtsi, armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles, arms, Arms control, arms export, arms locked, arms Pushylin, arms reduction and consumption SIPRI, arms together, armsportu, armwrestling, army, Army Conscription, army contract, army 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