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In the heat increases the incidence of intestinal infections

Each year, with the onset of warm season epidemiologists ascertain increase in the incidence of intestinal infection incidence peak in July and August. It was during these months because of the increase in temperature to _plus_ 30 C and above are the most favorable conditions for the survival and spread of pathogens intestinal infections.

The most common intestinal infections in Ukraine, particularly in Bukovina, there are food poisoning, salmonellosis, shigellosis (dysentery), esheryhiozy, hepatitis A and rotavirus enteritis entero-. Most of these infections characterized by acute onset of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, dull to whom quickly joined by frequent watery diarrhea and malaise. In some cases the initial symptoms are fever with a significant fever, severe headache, and weakness in, joined by pereymypodibni abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Human intestinal infections Infection occurs when consuming infected food or water and through dirty hands and household items. The greatest danger, because of infection by intestinal infections are raw eggs, spreads, Jellied dishes, dishes of minced meat, meat salads, vegetable salads with mayonnaise or sour cream, pastry cream. Infection of intestinal infections can occur through other foods and dishes that are prepared with violation of sanitary standards or maintained without due cold regime. Moreover infected dishes taste and look Too often indistinguishable from safety and quality.
Quite dangerous waterway intestinal infections because infection by pathogens falling into the water supply at the same time can get sick a lot of people. Currently, this route of infection is often realized with use water from open reservoirs (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers) and abandoned wells.
According to improper personal hygiene or lack of conditions for the implementation of these rules infection intestinal infections can occur through contaminated hands. In your hands pathogens intestinal infections can get from anything to anything we touch being in public places (door handles, to hold the beam in public transport, elektrovymykachiv keys, money, toys, etc.).

analyzing the reasons for the incidence of intestinal infections population of our country in previous years can state the following. Most infected by pathogens of these infections is the use of food purchased at natural markets or other places not designated for trading. Often the cause of the disease was ready dishes (pies, cakes, pasties etc) home-made and questionable quality unequipped bought from stalls and stalls at railway stations, markets and other crowded places. At the same intestinal infection is a frequent consequence of the rest " in nature " where the food is prepared the day before, long kept at high temperature, and washing hands, utensils, vegetables and fruits used water from open reservoirs . Patients infectious hospitals were also people who returned from long trips and travel throughout eaten cooked or purchased in advance.

Tips for preventing infection by pathogens of intestinal infections at home
- Wash your hands before preparing and eating food, after every visit to the toilet, public transport, visiting various institutions and organizations (shop, market, hospital, railway station, etc.);

- to use potable drinking bottled water or boiled water from the water supply;

- Cookware and utensils after each cooking and eating mytyte hot water, and m grinders also oshparyuyte boiling water;

- Food, especially ready meals, dishes and other kitchenware store out of reach flies site;

- Do not buy food in natural markets, especially ready-to-use, are sold not equipped with shelves and trays;

- Vegetables and fruits before eating wash thoroughly. Do not try berries and fruit (cherries, cherries, strawberries, apples, plums, etc.) the purchase or use them until the mud, as if they did not look clean;

- Store food only in the manner specified on the package. Food, perishable, store in the refrigerator at a temperature below _plus_6 C: m 'clear minced no more than 6, cakes and pastries - 36-fried patties - 24 oh, cooked sausages - 48 mi hours. Cold milk, especially bought on the market required 'necessarily boil;

- Meat salads and salads with mayonnaise, sour cream and cook them just before use in an amount calculated at one meal;

- If possible, refrain in the summer of cooking at home flood the city 'clear and fish dishes, cakes, pastries and more.

Tips for prevention of intestinal infection in the rest " in nature " (in the forest, forest plantation, on the lake, river, etc.) in the summer
- Do not include in the menu and refrain from cooking during the holidays " in nature " foods, perishables (flood m meat and fish dishes, dishes cooked with minced meat , meat salads, pies, cakes, etc.);

- for the delivery and storage of food while " in nature " use bags-refrigerators;

- packaging and semi-prepared meals using disposable plastic containers tightly closed packaging in whole as fruits, vegetables, baked goods, etc. - plastic bags;

- mayonnaise, butter or sour cream to add vegetable salads immediately before their use;

- Stock up on plenty of water not only for drinking but also for washing hands and kitchen utensils. In no case for these purposes do not use water from natural water sources (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers, etc.);

- Food products that have not been consumed during rest " in nature " disposed. They further storage (even in the refrigerator) and consumption is dangerous because of infection with intestinal infections.

Tips for prevention of intestinal infection while traveling

- Take a journey foods that spoil quickly. To travel is more suitable food contained in vacuum or tightly sealed plastic containers;

- for storage in transit use bags-refrigerators;

- Stock foodstuffs way count for no more than one day even with cooler bag;

- for drinking on the go, use only bottled water;

- Stock up on the road everyday, individual disinfectant solution (available at pharmacies), and a sufficient number of wet and dry salfetok to handle hands before the meal.

If, however, you have any symptoms of intestinal infection (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.) should immediately consult a doctor because disease can take a serious course.

Yuri Randyuk, assistant professor of infectious diseases and epidemiology BSMU, PhD
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