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Secrets restore beautiful appearance after the winter

Spring - a time of awakening. And nature has to wake up and blossom after winter and our body is filled with forces that already by the summer feel " one hundred " .

" After the winter I fall hard and whipped hair, facial skin is dry and pale, - complains chernivchanka Marina. - Have tried many masks, creams and shampoos changed, but so far no results " .

Our consultant
Alexander Shulenin assistant dermatology department BSMU, PhD.

- The most after winter worries dryness, sensitivity, dull skin, tiny letters wrinkles, thinning hair, posichenist its ends and rapid pollution - said Alexander Shulenin, Assistant Department of Dermatology and Venereology BSMU, Ph.D. medical Sciences . - Nutrition and drinking regime, getting rid of bad habits, dosage exercise, a positive attitude and simple recommendations on skin care and hair to help return healthy and attractive appearance.
We should not forget that spring - exacerbation of many skin diseases (lupus, photodermatitis, colorful lichen, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, allergic dermatitis). Therefore, people with chronic diseases of the skin, or the first appearance of skin rash have to see a specialist - a dermatologist in time to start the right treatment or prevent serious illness.


- There is a division of skin types in " dry " , " normal " and " bold " - explains the doctor. - Any type of skin should be cleaned in the morning and at bedtime using gels, foams or clean water. Also useful is a special type of cleaning - masks, scrubs with small slices once a week or twice.
After cleaning the skin " proper " or " dry " type it should be lubricated with a light moisturizing cream or emulsion, and for princes " fat " skin type best used means of acids, anti-inflammatory and seborehulyuyuchymy components.

According to Alexandra Shulenin, scalp after prolonged wearing hats, using fans, temperature changes and humidity after winter prone to flaking, irritation, itching, dandruff. - To restore the scalp and hair recommend using a shampoo for frequent use or with acids, tar, zinc, extracts of medicinal plants - Oksana V. advises. - If your hair dry naturally do not have time, use a hair dryer with cold air or use termozahysni styling tools.

- the hair has become a healthy shine and elasticity, it should be every time you wash using rinses and every week to make masks homemade (based on vegetable oils, lemon juice henna, egg yolk, honey, etc. ) or the " pharmacy " series - says Oksana Shulenin. - And, of course, should get rid of split ends, turning to the barber.

- Tender sun has a significant damaging effect on the skin that is premature its aging, the ability to induce the appearance of tumors of the skin (including malignant) cute freckles or unaesthetic pigmentation - says the doctor. - To avoid such problems, you should regularly use sunscreen to exposed areas of skin, which, incidentally, are also part of modern makeup (called BB or CC-creams). And for fans of tanned skin can be recommended for tanning products that are completely safe.

What can be done in cosmetologist
- For those who want to more effectively eliminate the signs of dryness dimness of the skin and hair, give them healthy attractive appearance and even remove small wrinkles can recommend such modern procedures as biorevitalization, redermalizatsiya, mesotherapy, - says Ms. Alexander. - Use of intravenous treatments into the skin directly can deliver such it needs components like hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, peptides that strongly affect the tone, moisture and color of the face, neck, chest, hands and scalp .
will also help modern cosmetic techniques, professional beauty care, massage.

What can be done at home

Cheese Mask
2 tbsp. l. cream cheese pound of egg yolk and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mask on your face and neck for 15 minutes. rinse with warm water.

For Dry Skin whitening
Use fat cheese and cream. Mix them in equal proportions with a few drops of lemon juice, 5-10 drops of 10 per cent hydrogen peroxide and apply on the skin. You can mix 3 parts. L. cheese and 1 ch. l. honey, 1 tbsp. l. cream. This mask not only whitens, but also moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

To clean
To clean oily skin useful apply huslyanku, kefir or unsweetened yogurt. In the morning, apply it on face and leave for 5 min., Then rinse with acidulated decoction of herbs.

Vitamin Hair menu
It turns out that the Far East girls from childhood weekly necessarily wash head sour milk or yogurt. That's why they have such a thick and beautiful hair. Try this remedy for yourself. If you do not like the smell of yogurt can make a nourishing mask for a head.

From Hair Loss
Use washing warm whey. Wrap your head for half an hour in the towel. Then rinse decoction of herbs (nettle, nasturtium, burdock root, calendula). This is a great tool and hair loss.

To strengthen the hair
1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons. l. castor oil, 5 g of yeast, 1 tbsp. l. Mix cream, warm water bath and rub into the hair roots. After 30 min. rinse shampoo.

For dry and brittle hair
useful to do from time to time such a mask: Beat egg yolk with 1 ch. L. castor oil, add 3 tbsp. l. yogurt, mix again and apply on hair. Put a plastic cap, wrap head with a towel. An hour later, the mask wash off with shampoo.

(More recipes to restore hair and skin after winter read in the newspaper " Good health " , 4, April, 2016)

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