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From insomnia to help herbal bath and " correct " bedding

lack of sleep or poor sleep not only negatively affect mood and well-being, but also can cause serious psychological disorders and diseases. For example, a recent study of American doctors suggest that women who are chronically nedosypayut rather gain weight.

- During sleep the body correct refreshment. That is why a healthy person wakes up feeling fresh and tidal power - explains Helen Yasinska, Associate Professor of Physiology named YD Kirshenblata BSMU. - Sleep helps the brain get rid of excess, " zchyschuyuchy " of neurons unwanted proteins. A balanced diet, proper daily routine, adequate sleep - essential for physical and mental health for many years.

from sleep problems - memory disorders
According to Elena, the person is asleep third of his life.
- Long periods without sleep adversely affecting the quality of life, sense of humor disappears, there is irritability, isolation, obsession same problems - says the doctor. - Loss of only four hours of sleep lowers the reaction rate by 45 percent. Deteriorating memory, exacerbated by various diseases.

Poor sleep - a stepping stone to future strokes, heart attacks and other serious diseases. Lack of sleep not only reduces efficiency, but also leads to nervous disorders. The absence or lack of sleep affects performance, attention, memory and encourages the use of stimulant drugs and alcohol. It also leads to fatigue, anxiety, frustration, anger, impulsive behavior, weight gain, risk behaviors while driving, increased blood pressure, decreased immunity and resistance to stress.

However, normal sleep - one of the most effective ways to prevent cardiovascular disease, obesity, seasonal depersiy.

Insomnia - lawyers and educators
The most common disease of sleep - insomnia. Among the main causes of insomnia - acute and chronic stress, neuroses, which are filled with our everyday life.

- Most people suffer from insomnia after 50 years and women - says Elena Yasinska. - Lawyers and staff education, art and culture at risk. Most insomnia stalking their victims fall, which is associated with a decrease in the length of daylight and spring, when the acute various disorders of the nervous system and violation mood.

The old truth says: Dream - the best medicine. So if you're having trouble sleeping, try these tips. If the problem is much more serious, consult a doctor.

If insomnia tortured
Sleep at least eight hours!

Do not count on the weekend, when " can sleep " . The first two days can not compensate for sleep week, and secondly, a crucial night of Sunday to Monday, you can not sleep properly because puzzled body can not relax.

Sport - only 6 hours before sleep
Physical activity stimulates the nervous system and interferes with normal rest, not to reduce the time of night rest, to finish training you need at least six hours before sleep. And try not to neglect morning exercises.

Right evening snack
The correct menu in the evening of day should consist of carbohydrates soothing and oddly enough, it rolls, cakes and pulp - are considered the best sleeping pills. Eat little can be - important not overdo it and do not harm the figure! Those who lose weight may drink a little yogurt or eat cheese.

The refusal of the TV for the book
Watching TV at bedtime or any movie - the worst thing that can make a person suffering from insomnia. Never should look at night thrillers, action movies, horror movies and science fiction. In the black list and get tearful melodrama and funny romantic comedy. Though they do not frighten, excite the imagination but no less than horror movies. If you want to relax - read, and the book should choose calm.

fragrant bath with herbs
If you take a bath before bedtime, and even add a herbal broth - it is a dream come quickly, be strong and pleasant. Taking a bath is recommended an hour after dinner. Use for soothing herbal bath best 50 g infusion of marigold, lemon balm, oregano. Take a bath is not worth more than 20 minutes. By the way, no additives tub - a great tool for relaxation and stress relief.

Pillow with herbs
It is best done individually, according to their own flavors - flavors you should like. Crammed pad knobs can be crushed hops, chamomile, pine needles, hazel - these plants contain essential oils that soothe and inhalation euthanized. Sam bag of herbs can be put as the head, and under the pillow.

Tea with fennel
Dill has many useful features, among them - and struggle with insomnia. Recipe tea: Pour 1 tbsp. l. chopped herbs boiled water and insist for about two hours. If there is no fresh dill can be used 2 hours. L. crushed seeds. Drinking need half a cup three times a day before meals and 1 gl overnight.
Fennel contains essential oils that eliminate stress and promote good sleep.

The infusion of valerian
The recipe: Put 2 tbsp. l. dry powdered valerian root in an enamel pan, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, stand under the lid on a boiling water bath for 15 minutes.
insist to cool, drain, squeeze remains in the extract, add boiling water to the original volume. Take 1 tbsp. l. during the day and at night - half a cup.
If there is no time or opportunity to prepare a tincture, valerian root brew just like tea and drink half a cup just before bedtime.
Take this infusion should be cautious, because an overdose of valerian produce the opposite effect.

The correct arrangement of beds
First, the bed can not be read because this place is associated only with sleep. Secondly, the important role played bedding. For a good sleep, choose the best linen cotton, linen
Did you know?
In today's world of sleep - a serious problem. Dr. Paul Kelly of Oxford University believes that significant changes are needed in the mode of the day of modern man.

Experiments have shown that the average child begins to properly focus on the classroom to 08.30. So 16-year-old should start training at 10.00 for the best results, and students must begin classes at 11.00.

Dr. Kelly said that a simple shift school schedule can increase performance by 10 percent. Previously, he was head teacher of high school, which moved the start of classes from 08.30 to 10.00, and found that the higher the number of assessments increased by 19 percent.

Kelly said that almost all the students are losing about 10 hours of sleep per week because they have to get up early. " Just change the start time employment, we can improve the quality of life of a generation of children " - he said.

In the world of certain sleep disorders suffer more than 50% of the population over the past 100 years total duration of nighttime sleep fell by 20%. Insomnia suffer from 11 to 35% of adults around the world.

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