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Instead of immediately run to the pharmacy to a doctor first

Spring is one of the most fundamental problems - lack of vitamins. How to refill vitamins? Run to the pharmacy or look in the fridge?

Our consultant
Diana Polyansky, practitioner

- Sometimes when the body lacks only one specific vitamin - says Diana Poljanskaya, general practitioner. - As a rule, we need a group of nutrients. If a person refuses to animal products usually lack vitamins A, D, E and biotin. If the diet is not enough plant products, the shortage of vitamins C and Group B.

The symptoms that tell you about vitamin deficiency
scaly skin

The lack of vitamins makes the skin dry, she begins to peel off. It should also be noted if you constantly cracked lips, suddenly appeared acne, as well as cracks and sores in the corners of the mouth. The appearance of inflamed skin, large bruises or unusual reaction to jewelry or clothing - all of which can be a sign of a lack of vitamins.
stratified nails
With a lack of vitamin nails become dull, brittle, and even the means to care for them - oil or special varnishes - do not save the situation. On the lack of vitamins also shows pallor of the nail plate, the appearance of dimples on it, stripes or spots.
hair fall
The main feature of lack of vitamins - is brittle and hair loss. But the guard has the sudden appearance of dandruff, gray hair, sores and pimples on the scalp or constant itching.
and watery red eyes
Reduction of view, especially at dusk - it is the most serious sign of vitamin deficiency. In addition, vitamin deficiencies can cause reddening and swelling of eyelids, constant itching and discharge from the eyes, frequent inflammatory diseases. Often the result is a lack of vitamins intolerance of bright light, glare, double vision.
bleeding gums
Increased bleeding gums, ulcers on the tongue and cheeks, teeth with sensitive enamel that are moved or crumble, tongue, covered or changed color touch - and obvious signs of a lack of vitamins.
swollen face and joints
alert has the appearance of swelling on the face and hands, not related to the passion for pickles or yesterday's drinking. The sudden swelling of the joints, numbness, muscle pain, cramps also may be symptoms of a lack of vitamins.
Irritability, lack of energy
The lack of vitamins responsive and our nervous system. Inability to concentrate, insomnia, depression, apathy, irritability, lack of energy, constant irritability - can all be signs of a lack of vitamins.
Failure in digestion
Constipation, diarrhea, taste change passions, weight gain, nausea - symptoms of vitamin deficiency. And even loss of appetite, smell and taste ...
The lack of desire
In many cases, reducing sexual desire is not to blame fatigue and unbalanced diet.

- Most changes in appearance - skin, hair and nails - a sign of lack of essential vitamins A, E, C and B, - says Diana Polyansky. - Pay attention to your diet whether you have not started to eat less meat and dairy products, edible oils and foods with whole grains. But instead of immediately run to the pharmacy for vitamins, first visit the doctor. The specialist will determine (usually using biochemical analysis of blood), what specific vitamins you are missing, and how to compensate for this lack.

Did you know?
" Avitaminosis " - a word more familiar to us, that means a complete lack of vitamins. Speaking about the lack of vitamins in our body properly use the term " vitamin deficiencies " .


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