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Seaweed and exercise will help get rid of boredom

With the coming of spring quietly sneaking up to us and spring depression ... Someone is trying to ignore her, and someone completely captures seasonal boredom.

- Each of us from time to time there are situations that upset - says TYMOFIYEVA Marina, assistant professor of psychology and sociology BSMU . - Sometimes they can bring to despair and depression. Outside soon spring, nature saturated colors, but somehow amplifies bad mood, a sense of loneliness and depression, constant fatigue, loss of zest for life, insomnia, lack of appetite, unwillingness to communicate with people.

Why did we miss
According to Marina Filip, there are many theories that explain the causes of depression. However, depression - it is our reaction to changes (climate, uniform, daylight, colors that surround) and lack of willingness to accept these changes.
- Another cause of depression is our so-called " mistake of thinking " - says the psychologist. - If it fails to realize we risk becoming pessimistic with increased anxiety.

" thinking errors " - a way of thinking that easily lead us to negative conclusions.

Error 1 Black and white thinking: This means to see everything or totally black or totally white, not presuming that there are many shades of gray. Then people think that things are either good or bad, people - either good or evil. The problem with this thinking is that it is not true, because in real life we are often faced with different shades of gray.

Error 2. Emotional generalization - is convinced this kind of error: " so if I feel the way it is " . In life, we see that this is not always true.

3. Error Peredbachuvannya - a mistake of thinking that you supposedly know what will happen in the future, but may in fact be quite different. And you are negative " hung " itself.

4. Error " Reading " thoughts - a belief that we know the opinions of others, though do not have this evidence. Our guesses can be wrong.

Error 5. Hiperuzahalnennya - O global conclusions from a single specific event.

How to help yourself?
- Try to imagine a wiser and more practical way of thinking about a particular thing - suggests Marina Tymofiyevayu. - If a particular problem that depresses you, then invent as many ways to solve it. Ask yourself: " What would you say to a friend if he had the thoughts and feelings that you have now? " , " How would you look at the situation if it had not been depressed? "
In the spring when daylight changes, exacerbated chronic diseases, our body especially needs help. Cure depression can be yourself, but it takes a lot of effort. To get out of the doldrums, need thrills that make you wake up and enjoy life.
In such times we must break out of the four walls of the large space. Nature heals the soul. It is important to observe normal day, which includes healthy sleep (in the dark, not when have to), proper nutrition, more vitamins and foods containing iodine (cauliflower and sea kale, sea fish), exercise a reasonable amount .
You need to do something new or remember quite old. Try a variety of everyday routine. Switch to a different kind of activity.
Praise yourself, enjoy every small success in their lives. Become someone fit. Create called " bag happiness " - it is up to all the little things associated with positive events that occur in your life: a winning ticket, the decoration of the Christmas tree, flower petals from a loved one etc. When the sad moments occur (and they are not even insured superoptymist) assumes " happy memories " - and a bad mood retreat.
The ability to live " here is " significantly adds strength and mood. Why? Because our psychic energy (and, consequently, physical) is always there, where now our thoughts.

If there is depression, then it must be addressed immediately, not run it. Remember, the earlier you start to struggle with depression, the sooner you get rid of it and will enjoy the new day.

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28-02-2016, 10:57

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