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What things to buy for sleep to sleep tight

to purchase pillows and mattresses should be treated carefully. They directly affect the posture and our health.

The synthetic filler in pillows and blankets " attract " low price. When he quality, the elasticity and softness reminiscent of down and feather. Manufacturers cheer: it is the right choice. Believe them?

No fluff, no pen?
- Yes, feathers, feather, fur, no matter how high quality their treatment was rather dirty - says Inessa olives, practitioner. - Once they infest a variety of ticks - from dust to piroyidiv. Unaesthetic, uncomfortable, and for people with allergies - it is dangerous. If a person suffers not just allergies and asthma ?!
Synthetic pillows and blankets are easy to wash. But any synthetic fiber collects static electricity that attracts dust, which infest the same parasites.
Hence, down-feather still better? Doctors say yes. But do not rush into the first shop. The key to health - a quality filler, the last factory processing. Otherwise pillows will literally choke their fumes.
Latex, which are increasingly used in the manufacture of pillows, seemingly attractive: the form of such products " adjusts " under the anatomical features of the host. Their " minus " - and fragility " quaintness " in operation. Pillows made of low-quality latex, everything else, quickly lose their elasticity.
is at " Market sleep " and quite unusual offer. For example, herbal pillows. As fillers used lavender, verbena, hop powder violet root, leaf tea tree, eucalyptus, chamomile flowers in various combinations. Some of these herbs have unique sedative effect, soothing nerves and facilitate sleep. But remember, many of them - strong allergens.

Ukrainian amount
In Ukraine like a square pillow. Ukrainian traditional size - 70x70 cm, and most of us reluctant to agree to an extended European standard - 50x70 cm. But orthopedists and neurologists have serious claims to our favorite format. If a person has problems with the spine, elongated cushion it useful.
Generally, competent doctor cushion able to tell a lot about its owner. For example, if a person used to sleep on the side and prefers high pillows, then her neck involuntarily flex. Small pillow? The neck during sleep bent the other way, which is also bad for your spine.

If you put a pillow cushion hard, even in a healthy person can begin to hurt neck. It is made in Japan sleep on a mat, placing his head under the roller. But the Japanese weigh less than Ukrainian, so they can sleep solid. And if a man lies heavy on the hard headboard, sooner or later begin problems with the spine and hip.

His Majesty mattress
However, in order to firmly sleep, a pillow is not enough. It will take, at least, even the mattress. What is inside? Usually - either synthetic materials or system of springs or cork, which has proven its safety and comfort. But fashion is back featherbed. Needless to follow these trends? Better not be. After a soft featherbed not support the body, and it only takes shape. If a person posture problem, this form will also be incorrect.
In general, most people who like to sleep on a soft bed, suffering stoop. After all, when you go to the feather bed, falls back and other body parts are higher.
Another fashion trend - hidromatrasy. Often they are positioned as orthopedic. However, sleeping on a mattress hydro no more useful than in a featherbed. He also flexes.

(For more on choosing accessories for sleep read the newspaper " Good health! " , 2 February, 2016)
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