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People who have a happy relationship, colds and flu are not afraid

For what man needs love? It turns out that this feeling is not the most important thing in daily life that improves health and even prolong life.

- Everyone understands love in their own way, because it is multifaceted - said Olga YURTSENYUK, assistant professor of neurology, psychiatry and medical psychology named after SM Savenko . - Love - that's life, so necessary if you want to live. Ceasing to love a person dies. Life problems and difficulties arise because of the quality of love. Of course, love can be to society, parents, country himself. Each of these groups is responsible for the quality of life. You should begin with self-love, which should be formed first. Not having understood itself, without the normal and healthy self-esteem person can not love anyone. And it is also no love like what we would like. It is necessary to have a healthy perception of yourself and the world.
In addition to feeling that inspires, love also brings many health benefits.

- Love strengthens mental health
According to research, people who are in romantic relationships, compared to lonely experience far fewer problems with mental and physical health 'pits. In singles recorded relatively higher levels of depression, anxiety, mood swings, problems of adaptation, suicidal behavior and other forms of psychological distress.
The study also found that men and women experience an equal benefit in terms of dealing with mental health. However, as recognized scientists, mental health is a consequence and cause of creating loving relationships, because people with mental health problems are less inclined to put the relationship to the fore.
- Love eliminates pain
There is a widespread belief that love - it's a pain. And the heartache sometimes goes into physiological. However, studies have shown that love can also help eliminate pain.
- Love reduces stress
It is easy to assume that the rhythmically soothing romantic relationships without dramas and scandals can be stress. Lonely people are more prone to psychological stress than those who are married or in a permanent relationship, because marital status can affect the production of cortisol - a stress hormone.
- Love prolongs life
Long-term studies have shown that unmarried and single people there is a high probability of early death than people who are married. It turned out that the ongoing marriage (as opposed to the constant loneliness or intervals between marriage and divorce) leads to an increase in life expectancy in men with low income.
- Love is happiness
Studies have shown that when looking at a person's face, we really madly, deeply and passionately loves activated certain brain areas.
Clearly confirmed the MRI images: early stage intense romantic relationship can activate dopamine-rich brain regions. These areas associated with desire, passion and euphoric state. In fact, one of these sites, anterior cingulate is responsible for obsessing thoughts, emotions and cognition - signs of love.

Interesting facts

- Those who have a stable, happy relationship, troubles such as colds and the flu is not afraid.
- The bright, pleasant feelings make our lives happier and contribute to its continuation.
- The feeling of love and gives men and women a surge of strength and energy.
- The betrayal of his regular partners leads to severe migraine.

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