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Vegetative-vascular dystonia: Myth or Reality

numbness, fatigue, rapid or slow heartbeat, fluctuations in blood pressure, pain in the left side of the chest, difficulty breathing, dizziness - with similar symptoms to doctors addresses most of those who complained of vegetative-vascular dystonia.

- Imagine a person lives in its prime, enjoying a hard life, and here begins dizziness, pain in the heart, asthma, blood pressure jumps, motion sickness in transport, - says Eugene Gorobchenko therapist. - Then - bustle all possible doctors delivery of tests, but the results - zero, doctors shrug, finding nothing.
A person is evil, there comes a panic, a sense of impending death. Here sounds diagnosed with vascular dystonia. Credited with drugs, pills, injections, but relief comes only a short time. And then all along the chain: doctors, treatments and no results. Of course, there are doubts about the competence of doctors, because they can not find some serious illness. Life is meaningless, sometimes becomes so evil that can not afford to go to work or school, and the man closed in himself, not trusting anyone.
who is actually suffering from the disease-ghost. Studies have shown that these people are unsure of themselves, many are subjected to stress or too excitable, too tired to work, not having a rest. From these facts it appears that the cause of the disease - a disorder of the nervous system.
What can we do?
- First you should stop to think about your problem, do not get hung up, trying to somehow escape - advises Eugene Gorobchenko. - It is necessary to protect against a variety of emotions, stress, distribute routine so that work rozbavlyalasya rest.
Strengthen your body with exercise. It is advisable to pay attention to walking outdoors, but do not overdo it: Start with short distances and gradually increase them every day. Limit consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages. And most importantly - you need to believe in a positive outcome that is sure to come!
What the scientists say?
US scientists point out that all the symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia occur for a variety of conditions and diseases.
The former primarily include neuroses. The second - all somatic diseases, such as: illness of the nervous system, diseases of the brain, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract etc. The imbalance in the autonomic nervous system and can cause hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause.
Scientists are convinced that writing off the symptoms listed in vegetative-vascular dystonia, doctors sometimes miss serious somatic pathology which requires timely and adequate treatment.
Therefore, before you enroll in a group " disabled autonomic nervous system " , do not be lazy turn to the physician and get tested, and then, depending on the results, consult a other specialists (gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, psychiatrist).

the way
If no serious health problems have not detected and you continue " shtormyty " It is worth to make adjustments to your life: Walk more, sign up to the gym, eat less salt, fatty meats, sweets and pastry. A full sleep, Love douches.

Do your exercise!
To get rid of the symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia, doctors recommend drug therapy combined with a set of special exercises.
Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, arms drooping.
For inspiration, raising the left arm forward and up, take your right hand back and slightly bend.
On the exhale, lower the arms.
Repeat for the right hand. Do this exercise five times, gradually increasing exercise.


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