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Most often the disease appears in people who are overweight

" I have gout. Very sore joints. At the elbow bumps formed goals. The pain is sometimes unbearable. Likuyusya but I can not say that it would have helped me a lot. Tell us more about this disease and how to alleviate the symptoms " - wrote the editor " MB " chernivchanyn Nicholas M.

The reasons, prevention and treatment of this disease, we said Nikolay MYHALATYUK, doctor phytotherapeutist.
The emergence of the disease is closely linked with the amount of uric acid, which appears in the body due to the processing of certain foods that are rich in purines (meat, some fish, shrimp , yeast, etc.).
Normally, uric acid excreted by the kidneys in the urine. However, in patients with gout or uric acid produced too much, or it is poorly excreted by the kidneys, resulting in the body of its accumulated surplus. When uric acid in the body too much, it starts to accumulate in the joints in the form of tiny crystals, which leads to inflammation and pain. However, a clear link between the level of uric acid in the blood and the development of gout is not - in some cases, attacks of gout develops in people who have uric acid levels normal.
Increased uric acid may be associated with renal dysfunction, as well as taking certain medications.
There is severe pain, swelling and redness of the joint (usually one or two). This acute condition (often called an attack of gout) can last for days or weeks (if not treated). The attack of gout often occurs at night, the joint is hot and very sensitive to even light touch.
It often affects the joints of the thumb on the foot, but may be involved in other joints (ankle, knee, fingers).
If gout attacks occur frequently and for a long time, it could cause serious damage to the joints and limit his mobility. In some cases under the skin of the joints or around the ear appear white nodules (tophi), which is an accumulation of uric acid crystals.
What can you do
as soon as possible, consult a doctor to accurately diagnose. With the proper treatment of gout exacerbation expire in 1-2 days. It should be very strict diet.
You can not use (especially during exacerbations) all foods rich in purines: organ meats (heart, kidney, liver, brain, etc.), fatty fish (especially in acute), salted and roasted fish, canned food (meat and fish), spicy and salty cheese, red meat and products from it, fat, meat soups, chicken, fish, mushroom soup, smoked meats, legumes (lentils, peas, beans, beans, soybeans).
Forget the beer, brandy, sparkling and dessert wines. Drink lots of water, green tea.
During the attack and try to rest as little as possible to injure the joint clothes or shoes. Watch your weight. However, very rapid weight loss can lead to an exacerbation of gout.
Be sure to tell your doctor about all medications you are taking.
What can the doctor
A doctor must determine diagnosis, completing various additional studies (including a blood test and determine the level of uric acid). You may need X-ray examination of joints.
The results of the additional studies physician will choose treatment aimed at reducing levels of uric acid in the blood. Keep in mind that medication that is prescribed in acute, not intended for long-term use and usually do not affect the level of uric acid.

If your family are cases of gout, you are at risk. In this case it is necessary to control the levels of uric acid in the blood regularly, and try to follow a healthy lifestyle. Gout often occurs in people with overweight and high blood pressure. Proper diet with restriction of meat and other foods rich in purines plays a crucial role in the prevention of gout.

Traditional medicine recommends
Recipes from phytotherapist Nicholas MYHALATYUKA
help ease the condition when gout, but they do not replace primary treatment.
- For this recipe you need: onions, garlic, cranberries and honey. Onions and garlic chop, mash cranberries. Thoroughly mix 200 grams of garlic, 300 grams of onion, 0.5 kg of cranberries. Massu put in a jar and seal the lid, leave in the dark for 24 hours. Then add to the mix one kilogram of honey and mix everything thoroughly. Means ready. Take 1 ch. L. 15-20 min. before meals three times a day.
- 4 lemon with seeds removed and cleaned three heads of garlic mince. The resulting mixture pour boiling water (1.5 liters) and mix. The mixture infuse for one day, then strain. Use once a day before meals for 2 tablespoons. l.
- Pour a cup of boiling water 20 g grass spreading quinoa, give a little brew. 1 Comme drink three times a day.
- Brew the tea cranberry letter. Drink no more than 4 gl day. Also cranberry sheet in the ratio 1: 1 can add raspberry leaf, linden flower, chamomile.
- Prepare the herbs 'Jan mixture, taking 5 parts: herb thyme, oregano; 3 parts - hips; 2 parts - blackberry leaves, finely chop all the ingredients and mix. The mixture brew and drink tea as a regular.

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