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help recover chicken soup and garlic

A sick person should not only adhere to bed treatment and take medication. It also needs to eat. What you should eat during the flu or the common cold, as soon as possible to get on their feet?

Power during a cold can significantly affect the recovery of man: if eat the right food, the disease recede quickly if wrong - the state body could further deteriorate.

What to drink?
The optimal solution - a drink with filtered water and a few dolok orange. It contains useful vitamin C, plus overall tone and mood of the patient must improve.
If the sore throat is better to drink a little heated water with honey and lemon juice. This drink is not only good for the immune system, but will get rid of virus cells and soothe throat mucus. Honey - an excellent remedy for colds, especially if you use it correctly.

What to eat?
should temporarily abandon " difficult " dishes of meat and fish. The same applies to sweet and fried. Do not eat during illness fast food! On the other hand, often very wise body signals the disappearance of their own needs appetite. Therefore, if you do not want to eat - do not force yourself through force.
However, light meals during the cold usually accepted by the body " with a bang " . Chicken soup - one of the most popular and yet most effective food for really sick person. Numerous studies scholars have shown its positive effects on stuffy nose and swollen throat: it reduces the number of neutrophils - white blood cells that cause inflammation in the nasopharynx.
Therefore, the more the patient eat chicken soup, the healthier and cheerful feel it. Warns, must eat often and in small portions. Do not eat at once liter of soup.
Garlic - a natural immunostimulant. It contains a substance (allitsyn) that effectively combats bacteria, viruses and fungi. If the taste of garlic do not like, you can cut it into small pieces to swallow them without chewing. Also, put in a room where the patient plate of chopped garlic - a znezarazhuvatyme air and avoid getting re-pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the nasal passages during breathing.
During the cold is recommended to mention the seasonings and spices. Some (coriander, cinnamon, ginger) greatly facilitate the patient's condition as stimulate sweating, and besides, most spices have vasoconstrictor effect, relieves pledged swollen nose and throat.

What prevents recover?
sweets should not be in the diet of patients with the flu or a cold. The reason - the impact of sugar on the white blood cells, blood cells that protect bacteria and viruses. Under the influence of sweets eaten these cells cease to fight the disease and let the healing process take its course. The result will be loss of valuable time in which harmful pathogens flu and colds get stronger and prymnozhatsya.
As to the alleged traditional means for the prevention of disease - 50 grams of vodka - it should be noted that any alcohol increases the excretion of fluids. This situation only harms the patient, because the body is dehydrated longer recovering.
Your job during illness - as much as possible to provide the patient with water and alcohol in this case - not an assistant. The same applies to coffee and fruit juices. Drink herbal juice or fruit drinks with no added sugar - they fill the body with the necessary liquid and not affect the activity of leukocytes.

expert advice
" See your doctor who will advise how and what treatment "
Yuri RANDYUK in. at. Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology BSMU

- Today, the most effective antiviral drugs can be considered: " Tamiflu " (or " Oseltamyvyr " ) and " Relenza " ( " zanamivir " ). 100 percent proven their effectiveness in the treatment of influenza and SARS. However, since their price is too high for the majority of Ukrainian, we have to look for alternatives.
These drugs are " Amantadine " , " Remantadin " and the like, which were created in 1950-1960, I was not very efficient. Modern viruses are sensitive to them.
The best prevention for " Amixin ( " proteflazid " ), but it must take a long time.
On " hot drinks " that are available over the counter, for example, " Farmatsytron " , they do not eliminate the cause viral disease, only symptoms (churning temperature, eliminating headaches, joint pain). The action of these drugs is temporary, ill for some time feels better, but it does not solve the problem.
Therefore, in any case ill, contact your doctor who will advise what and how to be treated.


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20-02-2016, 20:17

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