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If you feel pain, immediately call " fast "

Abdominal pain - one of the most common complaints of patients. It can be completely different, because a lot of abdominal organs: stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, and very close - the kidneys and ovaries.

Each of these bodies ache in his own demands and its treatment. In some cases you can do with home remedies, but sometimes you need to immediately call " fast " .

- Sometimes abdominal pain can be so severe that the patient does not allow him to touch - explains Tatiana Ilashchuk, Dr. Med. ., Professor, Head of the Chair of Internal Medicine BSMU . - In this case we speak of " acute abdomen " . The main feature of " acute abdomen " is a pain that can be localized to a particular area as well as around the stomach. Sometimes the pain can be so intense that begins a painful shock. The patient needs to be hospitalized immediately in the surgical department. In most cases, if symptoms " acute abdomen " requires surgery. But in some cases (eg, acute pancreatitis) sometimes helps and conservative treatment.

Besides, abdominal pain can hide atypical forms of other terrible diseases such as myocardial infarction.
Therefore, if you unbearable stomach ache, do not waste your time and consult your doctor or call " fast " .

Some pictures of abdominal pain

In the epigastric region
nature. dull or sharp, aching or arching.
Where pays. may give the breast to the esophagus.
What is accompanied. There may be vomiting at the moment much increased pain. After vomiting pain usually disappears.
after that. It may depend on the previous exercise, but may be associated with the use of sharp, acid products, strong coffee, have transferred a lot of stress.
As it can be. gastritis or gastric ulcer.
What? examined by a gastroenterologist. To ease the condition in the attack, attach a painful place to a warm heating pad can drink hot weak tea or hot water.

in the right upper quadrant
nature. Harsh, squeezing.
Where pays. The right back, right side of the chest, right shoulder, right shoulder under.
What is accompanied. a feeling of bitterness in the mouth may be vomiting bile, after which comes the relief, possible fever.
after that. After the abuse of fatty or spicy food after " shaking " in transport.
As it can be. cholecystitis.
What? antispasmodic Take any medication with digestive enzymes. Make ultrasound. Consult a surgeon.

Around the entire abdomen
nature. " encircles " in the upper abdomen.
Where pays. in the back.
What is accompanied. dryness and unpleasant taste in the mouth, repeated vomiting, after which there comes relief, may increase blood pressure.
after that. After drinking the night before, spicy or fatty foods.
As it can be. Acute pancreatitis.
What? Seek immediate medical help.

near the navel
nature. The pain was sudden, sharp, cramping, strong.
Where pays. Kickbacks not.
What is accompanied. weakness, fever.
after that. After eating foods rich in fiber, strong coffee, chocolate.
what it can be. intestinal colic.
What? Accept, antispasmodic pill and lie down. Pain independently passes in 15-20 minutes. That he no longer show up, do not abuse coffee, chocolate and do not overeat.

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