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 Buginsky Catherine

Born August 13, 1979 in Norilsk (Russia ).

singer , honored artist of Ukraine

Born August 13, 1979 in Norilsk ( Russia ).
1991 Kate Buzhinskaya for the first time took part in the Eurovision Song contest"Nevidomi voices". The future star was 11 years old . It came with stage costumes and sound among 360 applicants ranked first .
1993 - entered the Chernivtsi School named S.Vorobkevych .
1993 - winning the contest"Sribne fontanelle" and"Chervona Ruta". The same year she became a soloist of the ensemble"Dzvinki voices" at the Palace of Pioneers in Chernivtsi. Parallel work in the Chernivtsi Philharmonic .
1994 - Kate is a finalist Buzhinskaya program"Rankova star".
1995 - wins the prestigious singing competitions"Dyvohray","Pervotsvit" and"Kolorovi dreams" .
1996 - moved to Kyiv , translated from Chernivtsi musical College named Vorobkevych the second year of highest Glier music College named to the faculty of pop vocal .
That same year, the singer took part in the festival"Veselad" and gets first Grand Prix in his life .
1997 - Kate Buzhinskaya participated in three festivals :"Moloda Galicia" ( Grand Prix ),"Kriz thorns to the stars" ( Grand Prix ),"Pisennyy vernissage" ( first prize ).
1997 - title"Vidkryttya year" program"Shlyaher".
1998 - receives the Grand Prix at the most popular and most prestigious at the time the international festival"Slav'yanskyy bazaar" .

1998 - winner of"Prometey -prestige" program"Lyudyna year".
1998 - debut album Katy Buzhynska"Muzyka , I love
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