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 Arkady Zhukovsky (1922-2014)

Born January 12, 1922 in Chernivtsi

Historian , PhD, Honorary Citizen of Chernivtsi

Born January 12, 1922 in Chernivtsi in the family of an Orthodox priest .
1932 - 1940 - studied at the high school gymnasium of A. Pumnula , which was one of the best schools for students of contemporary Romania.
1940 joined the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Chernivtsi .
With the outbreak of World War II left the parents in Austria ( Graz ) , where he studied engineering and first in April 1949 received a diploma engineer .
then settled in Paris, where he still lives .
Since 1959 - was the general secretary of Ukrainian Academic Society in Paris .
1969 - defended his first doctoral thesis at the Ukrainian Free University ( UFU ) in Munich on " Peter Graves , and the question of unity of churches ".
1969 - 1975 - taught the history and civilization of Eastern Europe in the New Sorbonne
1976 - defended his doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne in French on "The History of Kyiv ( Mohyla ) 1615-1817 Academy , cultural and educational center of Eastern Europe ."
1987 - led by Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society in Europe
1989 - 1995 - President of the Library of Symon Petliura in Paris .
1992 - for his great contribution to the development of Ukrainian studies in France and Europe Arcadia Zhukovsky chosen foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine .
1997 - Zhukovsky granted an honorary doctorate from the Chernivtsi State University Fedkovych .
January 18, 1997 - elected Honorary Citizen . Chernivtsi .
died October 2, 2014 in Paris .

From a young age Zhukovsky took an active part in political life. At the beginning of the Second World War he joined the OUN.

He initiated in 1949 the rock group has been established scholars, mainly his countrymen, who took up writing a great work of native land - Bryndzan T. , D. Kvitkovs'kyj , I. Novosivskyy , V. Kubiiovych . The result of their work was the publication in 1956 of " Bucovina . Her past and present ", which Zhukovsky wrote the first half - " History of Bukovina . " He was also a co-author of several chapters , the author of a unique ethnographic map of Bukovina , carrying with Bryndzanom T. and D. Kvitkovs'kyj Editors book. This work reprinted in Chernivtsi in two volumes 1991-1994 years.

still working as an engineer, joined A.Zhukovskyy to work in the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Europe ( Shevchenko Scientific Society ) as a full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society , and in 1987 led the Company .
The greatest achievement of the Shevchenko Scientific Society - Encyclopedia of Ukraine , editor in chief of which was originally V.Kubiyovych and completed it already Zhukovsky .

kind of continuation of Encyclopaedia Ukrainian project became Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine where Zhukovsky was the co-chair of the Main Editorial Board .
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