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The owners are increasingly asked to pay in arbitrary units
24-07-2016, 11:09 Read more

Distinguished beauty contests and concerts
23-07-2016, 15:02 Read more

Members of the cooperative have 37 people
23-07-2016, 14:30 Read more

The boulder symbolizing mountains of Afghanistan zabrazyly piece battle
23-07-2016, 14:05 Read more

He subordinated Hlyboka, Gertsaevsky and Novoselytsya department
23-07-2016, 13:46 Read more

Almost all organs man sewn and hand amputated
23-07-2016, 12:35 Read more

The question of optimization of local councils decide
23-07-2016, 11:31 Read more

If a person is in trouble, it can be free to marry
23-07-2016, 10:29 Read more

Creates a video that puts on its own channel in Youtube Network
23-07-2016, 09:59 Read more

He took the car and handed the case to the court
23-07-2016, 09:28 Read more
На вихідні в Чернівцях прогнозують спеку

To be clear without rain
23-07-2016, 08:58 Read more
Animal appealed to the policemen. At the moment a criminal case.
22-07-2016, 19:22 Read more
The baby carriage in the store for some reason decided not to allow
22-07-2016, 15:56 Read more
The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff
22-07-2016, 15:07 Read more
The objectives set out three, and only one came back
22-07-2016, 12:35 Read more
He is forced to use ostomy pouching system
21-07-2016, 20:02 Read more
For dogs and lions that were previously homeless and now settled in the animal shelter, looking for the owners
19-07-2016, 18:36 Read more
Буковинець потрапив у полон на Сході, рятуючи побратима
While the location is unknown soldier
19-07-2016, 11:48 Read more
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