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No one asked for employment for two years
9-09-2016, 10:58 Read more
The guy originally from India
8-09-2016, 19:33 Read more
It is noted 150th anniversary train Lviv-Chernivtsi
8-09-2016, 19:06 Read more
Dmitry and Anna Kostelna assure that no one said a single bad word
8-09-2016, 16:52 Read more
45 children settle in children's camp " Varazdin "
8-09-2016, 16:31 Read more
They were sent to the front for 9 avtivok, another 11 to repair
8-09-2016, 10:23 Read more
Strange people sued in the family apartment
7-09-2016, 19:45 Read more
Everyone can bring a book you have read it, leave it, and to read another book that left a student
7-09-2016, 14:20 Read more
There will be a celebration of the anniversary
7-09-2016, 12:16 Read more
 -      䳿
But because of war and politics did not happen
6-09-2016, 15:49 Read more

Study in prestigious Ukrainian universities and abroad
6-09-2016, 12:47 Read more
Among them - the gymnasium, lyceum and secondary school
5-09-2016, 14:14 Read more
Oksana Paliychuk said districts where students show the best and worst of knowledge
4-09-2016, 15:40 Read more
It requires another case
2-09-2016, 15:32 Read more
The peak incidence predict the winter
2-09-2016, 13:16 Read more
The peak incidence predict the winter
2-09-2016, 11:54 Read more
Some enroll in college, others - on the incomplete rate
2-09-2016, 11:24 Read more
faculties distributed in their own curricula and programs
2-09-2016, 10:39 Read more
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