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Seven vaccines, doctors recommend that season. The list - and the new vaccine. It will not contracting the new strain of influenza virus.

- All vaccine production stage already take into account the forecast for this year and the components that provide immunity to the vaccine already made - said the chief sanitary doctor Natalia Hopko area. - That vaccine is made every year for the season, taking into account the forecast and the experience of previous years.

" In fact, there is a new vaccine DzhiSiFlyu, she passed registration, - said N. Hopko. - While it may be not so much a new vaccine. Maybe just that it is not recommended to Ukraine " .

According to sanitary doctor flu shot should be done at the first opportunity.

- delay of the flu shot should not - said Hopko. - As soon as there is the opportunity to purchase these vaccines need to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccinated less expensive than treatment.

Pharmacies area yet influenza vaccines. As described in one of the pharmacies Chernivtsi zamovlyatymut them after one or two weeks.

Vaccines against influenza are recommended in the new epidsezoni:

- Vaksihryp (France, Ukraine);
- Neo Hryppol (Ukraine);
- Hryppol Plus (Ukraine);
- DzhiSiFlyu (Korea);
- Intanza 9/15 Intanza (France);
- Influvak (Netherlands);
- Flyuaryks (Germany).
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25-09-2015, 14:06

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