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The cheapest rent an apartment in Chernivtsi possible in March, and the most expensive - the first of August to 30 September.
apartment was -Znayty very difficult. Although I began searching in early July, found only a few days before academic year - says Diana fires pershokursynytsya the CNU / - Cpochatku sought through advertisements. hoping that I can get out the owners of apartments in order not to overpay realtors. And it was harder than I thought. Peredyvalasya about 20 apartments. Agent showing areas simultaneously to several students. The conditions were terrible, prices are high. However, very often people pay for an apartment at once, as feared remain homeless. Eventually I bought 400 USD in Room realtor list owners. Some of the rooms were not available, but I managed to reach the owner and settle in the center - continues Diana.

-I did not even looking for an apartment, knowing that we can not afford it. Of course, the terrible conditions in the dormitories, but it costs me 200 USD per month. If rented apartment, only the utility would pay three times - says a resident of the hostel Maria Grits.
Problems with housing do not occur only in the first year. Some undergraduates have doyizhdzhaty each morning in the city because could not find an apartment.

- I rented an apartment in Chernivtsi two years, but this year was left without apartments. First, prices have increased dramatically. Second, there is not much of a choice because every morning by bus from the village dobyrayusya in pairs, - says Elena tretokursnytsya grief.

- In fact, to find an apartment in the center is very difficult. Compared with previous years significantly increased prices through the exchange rate. All the pricing flat in dollars - the director of real estate agency Vitali - If students started looking for apartments before, these problems would not exist. However, all somehow leave the issue at the last moment. That is why from the first of August to 30 September prices for apartments highest. Since October, prices will gradually decline, but not significantly. To rent an apartment at the best prices possible March - continues to Vitaly.

Now one-bedroom apartment in the center of the relatively good conditions could cost up to 4000 USD per month. If not find cheaper then consider that lucky.
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14-09-2015, 10:58

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