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In Chernivtsi region injured during the fire people. So, on Sept. 11 in village Spassky district Storozhynetsky fire broke out in a house of a local resident born in 1965. As it turned out, the man was smoking in bed while still asleep. As a result, cigarette fell from the hands of what caused the ignition bedding. Danger noticed neighbors who saw smoke coming from the window. People went inside and brought out to the homeowner, but the man managed to get carbon monoxide poisoning, and he was hospitalized in the Chernivtsi regional clinical hospital. Fire and rescue units on the scene were not called, as people noticed a fire burning at an early stage and eliminated it by using available tools. The cause of fire is careless handling of fire while smoking in bed most homeowners, the press service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region.

From the beginning, in the Chernivtsi region happened 662 fires, which killed 22 people, another 13 were injured. Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region appeals to citizens: follow fire safety regulations! Remember that observance of fire regulations do not require any super, but due to this you can save their lives and health!
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14-09-2015, 10:10

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