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120,000 trout fry in vypuctyly Rod Bukovina. Fish for trout grown plant " Lopushnia " at the expense of the state program.

- The program provides stocking trout rivers of the Carpathian region that there is a native species, but almost disappeared due to pollution, falling water levels and other factors - said the head of the sector of ichthyology and fisheries regulation Chernivtsiryboohorony Ruslan Bezhenar. - Last year Lopushnia raised more than 150,000 trout fry and released them into the Siret and Cheremosh. This year, the fry released in the Prut near the bridge in Dubivtsyah.

A few years ago, also at the expense of the budget zaryblyuvaly trout Dniester reservoir . However ichthyologists can not be said that the fate of the fish. It enjoys a trout stream and clean cool water, so it is likely to go from the reservoir to the top of the Dniester. So now zaryblyuyut mountain rivers.

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In Rod released juvenile rainbow and American trout-kamloopsa and Trout, which is sometimes found in our mountain rivers. Released year-fry for 5-8 grams, which is already well-established and predator can eat smaller fish fry.

Ichthyologists hope that in 4-5 years, Rod will meet again trout often. At least released the fry are nowhere to escape - up current partition Snyatynska hydroelectric and Moldova is different. So the released fish will remain in Rod within the Chernivtsi region.

Chernivtsiryboohorona urges fishermen not to catch trout, and if it happens to the bait - to produce back in the river.
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10-09-2015, 16:10

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