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Proponents singer Ani Lorak imbued with the threat of losing its title People's Artist and decided somehow to this effect.

It is reported TabloID.

They created a petition to the President Poroshenko, which assure that Carolina is not pro-Russian nor proseparatystska artist, so the grounds for the deprivation of rank no.

The author of the petition and initsiatorka Anna Fedorova says that checked all the accusations against Lorak and did not find any evidence.

"... Do watch the video or print interviews in recent years though there was no hint of anti-Ukrainian appeals, anti-Ukrainian propaganda on the part of the singer, on the contrary - concerts Ani Lorak always represented Ukrainian singer, singing Ukrainian songs language, both from their own repertoire and Ukrainian folk hits. Furthermore, in many interviews Ani Lorak emphasizes his respect and love for his country, which was born and grew up, which prides ", - stated in the petition.

The author also noted that Lorak did not give a single concert in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

"The actor is not a political figure, Ani Lorak was never a member of any political party. However, the singer for any occasion calling for peace and faith in a better future " - emphasizes Fedorov.

"Indeed, Ani Lorak works not only in their own country but also in other countries, however, so it actually glorifies Ukraine, shows the beauty of our culture, attracts people of other countries to our country! Her work unites people around the world "- says supporter Carolina.

"Given the lack of our legislation any restrictions on border crossing Ukraine and Russia and prohibitions on work in the territory of Ukrainian and commit such acts is not a crime within the meaning of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, I personally do not understand why Ani Lorak could void the title "People's Artist of Ukraine ", which it has earned its 20 years of work in our country constantly praising it to the world "- said Fedorov.

So she asked the President to exclude Lorak name from the list of those who may be deprived of the title of People's Artist.

At the time of writing this material petition signed by more than 250 people with 25,000 signatures needed. Collection process will continue for 89 days.

By the way, all the past concerts Lorak just gave in, as evidenced by numerous photos and videos of her Instagram.
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10-09-2015, 01:21

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