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In Chernivtsi National University Scientific Library of famous Ukrainian writers and their colleague talked about the culture of war and times of its purpose.

"or war affects the culture and whether culture can affect somehow the war. From ancient times, war becomes about " object of culture. European literature starts with Homer, who wrote about the war, capture of Troy and returned Odyssey home. As you can see in the culture war, whether Ukrainian and Russian culture normally react to it or explain it to us? "- discussion moderated by Alexander Boychenko.

"The culture is there and growing. We now culture war. I think that even ignoring the topic is significant. If you write about the war - you are part of this syuatsiyi unless you write - too "- said Ukrainian writer Sergei Zhadan.

"In connection 'connection with the changes that have made our lives a war can say this: first is the change of communication between creator and recipient. Psychological energy is directed in one direction, - says Yuri Izdryk. - At the same time we volunteer, who in a situation of social neurosis is a way to cure him. But we will have even neurosis people who returned from the war. "

Full material with a discussion " culture against the backdrop of war, the war against the background of Culture "read In the next issue "MB "
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6-09-2015, 15:21

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