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Schiller Park Chernivtsi - another park that serves Trust Urban green economy. Employees Trust complain that people do not follow the rules of behavior in the park and turn it into landfill.

This park is located in the bed sector. Many residents here are imported their household waste. In this park rest a lot of people, and a nobody cleans.

- As part of monthly health blahoustriyu in Chernivtsi, which takes place in spring and autumn, pupils and students are always attached to the cleaning of the park. We also planted trees in areas where there is Polyanki. Trust green economy provided equipment and workers to help clean up and hruzyty household waste - says Alexander Bryaskalo, Trust managing urban green economy. - Once a year, the company carries out here mowing grass and cutting self-seeding. Just in August, these works were carried out, we are now remove and export.

-But here you can see everything: household waste, and residues from fires, and bottles of water, beer or alcoholic beverages. Although the park staff clean every mistsyats - everything is " in place " . When coming next month - see the same thing was also to cleaning. People do not appreciate our work.

Last month was a record number of garbage. Zdyvuvao me that among all the debris were probutovoho balls with fatinom. Perhaps some private enterprise brought balls of cloth and left here. The dogs tore these balls and this fatin was separated by the entire fleet - says Mr. Alexander.

- We have tried to deal with this situation, even perekopuvaly road several times, that this does not zayizzhaly machine.

-Shtrafuvaty for non-compliance behavior, our company has no right. The function assigned to the Shevchenko district council, the Department of Environment and improvement, - says Alexander Bryaskalo.

-to have already begun to apply the same locals that we removed garbage, because someone has delivered again. We always respond to these challenges. It is necessary to pay people need transportation equipment. Harvesting usually two days, one day is a thousand hryvnia.

Many people argue that people litter because they do not have much to throw away garbage. However, dumps the situation can not change.

- I installed last year garbage in the park, but they stole. Now the garbage is at the entrance to the park.

Park looks bad and because this year is not spylyuvaly and emergency dry wood. If last year it was allocated 50 thousand of funds Environment Fund, this year there is no funding, so these works were not met.

In order to resolve the conflict with the inhabitants of the place should be on duty in the park and fine people who litter.

-We have no financial ability to hire a security guard or install video surveillance. However, residents of the area who care about the ecological situation in the city, once fixed numbers transportonoho means that vykyduvav trash in the park.

Trust green economy appeals to residents asking them not to litter in the park and preserve our nature.

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3-09-2015, 15:12

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