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Philharmonic Square Chernivtsi overgrown grass through litigation with businessman Victor Pelepchukom, previously carried on business in this area.

It is in their Facebook-page said Mayor Alex Kaspruk.

"Philharmonic Square and grass. The annual theme of journalists. So is Chernivtsi - not please: - that little green in the square is too much. Trust green economy " tried " grass grew, but not like it all. Seriously, the problem is. And it is not new. to resolve it work. From an entrepreneur who has here on business and held the square, the contract has long been broken. But the area remained his property, which by the court under arrest. litigation is still ongoing. So pass the area on a competitive basis to another entity, including for maintenance, has no chance. And yet impractical. By the end of this year in the framework of the integrated development concept downtown Chernivtsi developed the concept of using this area, which is important for the announcement of the competition. Last year and this spring on my behalf on an area of grass fought Trust green economy. A month ago instructed to identify areas for each holder, because it needed funds. The draft prepared by the Executive Committee of this decision. Clean and maintain an area without Philharmonic of establishment volunteered PE " Region Center " . While the PP " Region Center " received funds for the maintenance area, the Department of Housing will provide its cleaning grass from its own resources. I think a week there will be grass or head of a goat feed. Behold be glad if in Chernivtsi were just such problems. With grass "- wrote the mayor.

As you know, the area Philharmonic overgrown with grass . Instead Trust green economy said that he is not responsible for The improvement in this area .
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28-08-2015, 17:37

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