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During this year Chernivtsi tax authorities brought criminal charges against 50 businesses engaged in trade in excise goods. The total amount of penalty and applied financial sanctions against violators totaled 4.7 mln. UAH., Said the communications sector in STI. Chernivtsi.

Traditionally, it is the excise goods trade is not detected most violations. The most flagrant violations - is the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to minors.

This was detected 10 such cases. In addition to their own conscience, sellers and owners of shops and cafes, remember that the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to minors provides for liability. These sub 'objects fines in fines amounting to 6800 UAH and revocation of license for retail trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

remind the seller of beer (except soft), alcohol, alcoholic beverages or tobacco products are obliged knitted get a buyer who buys beer (except soft), alcohol, alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, or passport other documents confirming the age of the buyer if the seller any reason to achieve the buyer is 18 years old.

In addition, sellers " burning " Cram exercise their implementation at prices below the established minimum wholesale or retail prices. The question arises as to the origin of the alcohol, because trade at a loss no one will. First, the following facts should pay attention to customers, because saving a few hryvnia, they risk their own health.
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18-08-2015, 14:53

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