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In the summer of last year in Kiev started the project "found in Ukraine " in which the poet Lala Tarapakina, photographer and artist Andrew Hill Yakovina Ivanka have a goal to travel the country in search of new places.

During the winter, the team "found in Ukraine " said Ukrainian of unknown Carpathians and Transcarpathia, and most importantly - proposed cost options for travel all seven 'tsiey the cold season, writes gazeta.ua

Lala like the idea to go on a journey Ukraine?

After the Ukrainian Crimea is not with 'manifest unto feeling the need to better understand their country, to destroy the stereotype, if you can only spend their summers in the Crimea. It turned out that in Ukraine a lot of amazing places where you can go in any season. But the main idea of the project is to show Ukrainian, beautiful and proud that our homeland that incredible people live here who exploits they carry every day.

Whether the place where you did not like?

Of course, it was not one. For example, Mount Pyvyha in Poltava region. This is the highest point of Left-Bank Ukraine, there is wonderful. But it neglected, dirty and "Sov. " If you make an effort and a little love, Pyvyhy neighborhood could be a tourist route.

may plan to produce a guide on the routes "found in Ukraine "?

Our Facebook community in some extent is such a guide. But we plan and more detailed routes. If only everything in this country adjusted and could travel with a light heart.

Where, in your opinion, should seek inspiration in Ukraine?

Inspiration should look inside yourself, then any place, any way, any tiny town will be opening. But if you try to classify a place for inspiration, then get approximately the following picture: inspiration for creativity - in Sedniv Chernihiv region, to love - in Chynadiyevo Transcarpathian region, a new case - in Volosyantsi Lviv region. All Ukraine - is one great place of strength and inspiration, you just need to find a piece for recharging.

Do you feel the difference between the mentality areas?

Each region has its pronounced features. Galicia - music, Bukovina - slow, Verkhovyna - hospitable. The difference between the regions, of course, is: it is expressed in the way of communication and language, and attitude to travelers, and in relation to their own land.

In your opinion, in tourism Ukraine can compete with Europe?

Maybe if you follow certain conditions relating mainly infrastructure, including road conditions. The peaceful skies and good roads - the two main tourism attractive conditions, because everything else in Ukraine.

What is unique Ukrainian tourism?

In his authenticity, depth, cordiality and discoveries: in each region you can find amazing person or amazing story. In addition, Ukraine so different that even moving from one area to another, if you're carries out world tour. In the Poltava region can be about 'ride all mystic Gogol places in Sumy - swim in the Vorskla or go for mushrooms in pine forest, the stone ' Kamyanets-Podolsky - touch the history and see unusual places in Transcarpathia - dive in mountain river and conquer mountains. Ukraine - for every taste, for every character.

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25-11-2015, 18:19

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