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If the Dniester fall another 7-10 cm, Hawtin may be without central water supply. And now the worst scenario became bitter reality: the river so shallow that the water intake to pump "stripped ", and to supply water for a Hawtin was not possible.

This is reported by "Hotinskaya news ".

Mayor Nikolai Holovlov other officials immediately went to the place. Looking for ways to at least a temporary solution, because the situation is complex, kindergartens, schools, hospital, residents can stay without water.

- Fortunately, not solve the problem at least for the next few days - said "Hotinskaya Vista " Nicholas Golovlyov. - The window through which pumped water to the district center, expanded, we can say dug to get to the water. While the water supply restored, but that will be the day after tomorrow - hard to say. You may need to disable the private sector, where the well is to have enough flats, district hospitals and municipal kindergartens.

Also the head of the city informed about the emergency management area, region, consulted with experts in various metropolitan phoned resort to loose the problem, because this city alone do not succeed.

"In particular, had a conversation with Igor Sirota - head of JSC " Ukrhydroenergo "which oversees all hydropower Ukraine, about studying the possibility of reducing the volume of discharge water from the Dniester reservoir. He said that currently dumped 100 cubic meters a second and less possible, as this is contrary to international agreements, and then no water can remain Moldova and Odessa ", - says Nikolay Golovlyov. According to him, a similar situation in Moldova - in Chisinau is also the threat of disruption of water supply.

water management situation in the Dniester reservoir complex

As reported at the Dniester-Prut Basin water resources in the Dniester reservoir for a long period there was a complex hydrological situation with low tidal values of 30 m3 / s to 60 m3 / s. In general, in August the average flow of water to the Dniester reservoir was only 23% of normal.

In the future, on the Dniester reservoir there is a complex hydrological situation of stable tidal values - 40 m3 / s (average long-term value of water inflow to the reservoir of the Dniester in this period about 190 m3 / s).

Dniester reservoir is according to the protocol of the interdepartmental commission on August 30, 2016 to the cost of 100-110 m3 / s.

water management situation in the Dniester reservoir as of 3 October next:

UK water level - 114.67 m BS;

NB water level - 69.50 m BS;

the flow of water - 40 m3 / s;

discharge plan - 105 m3 / s, it was informed in the Dniester-Prut Basin water resources.

In the same Ukrgidromettsentre predict rain.

"Wait for rain, they will be 2-3 days and the water level will rise a bit, " - said in a conversation with Mayor Khotyn chief meteorologist Nicholas Kulbida country.
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5-10-2016, 08:56

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