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In Chernivtsi school 41 injured student first grade. It happened on September 29. During the break, boy, along with a friend started playing in the dressing room, fell and hit. However, the specific complaints of a child was not. And only home he felt ill and in the hospital revealed that the boy - a closed head injury.

As all were told reporter director of school 41 Louis Turcan .

- September 29, Thursday, at 14.05 first class student of our school when visiting the toilet, where they played with another boy fell - says Ludwig Turcan. - It was a break in school. And they - have lessons in day care. He raised the children from fifth grade who were together, and led him to the class. In the East they met Daycare teacher, took the class, asked how and what happened. He complained that his leg hurt and pen. Mentor planted it gave some water, calmed and about an hour later my mother came. Mom came and looked at the boy and asked what was happening, took him by the hand. They skippingly out from school. They went out together with the class teacher first class. And when leaving the boy complained that he had a sore ear.

As described later management school boy mom, she took the child to the children's clinic.

- There ENT it examined, diagnosed, - conducts director. - My mother then sent a text message to the class teacher, it was stated that a doctor diagnosed " left-sided otitis media " gave exemption from physical education. Later, my mother phoned and said the class teacher that the child - traumatic brain injury. The next day morning class teacher told me about it, we conducted an internal investigation, raised record video cameras were all explanatory.

The video did when a child came to my mother. The same videotape showed police then. For parents written statement to the police that at school the class teacher and deputy was not given proper medical treatment, Ludwig says Turcan.

" By myself I have kept in touch. She said that we sympathize with that set the box to raise funds for the operation. Dad wrote a statement that the school was not given proper medical care class leader and deputy. In order to show that the aid had to give, we showed police recording cameras. But there was not so that had to be here to assist. This is not an open wound, you know ... We have advised my mother to go to the hospital and she was gone. I do not know whether the parents wrote in a statement the prosecutor's office. Before we prosecution has not yet come. A third police in October was already " - the director.

Currently, as we know the school administration, the child had surgery, but it is in a state of sleep.

- Doctors say it is so necessary, so that the brain rested after surgery. We must now wait for the child to return gradually to normal - said the director.

Ludwig Turcan says that now is not about what she sees in this case the guilt facility staff or not. For it is most important - so that the child recovered.

" The child went to school. It travmuvalasya during the learning process. Probably, we understand that it is our responsibility. But more than we did do was impossible ... But the most important thing is, as soon as possible so that our student recovered ... " - the director.

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