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On Saturday in the fitness club "Elite " that Main Street in Chernivtsi, opened a representative organization "Osteopathy Ukraine."

- Chernivtsi - the sixth city in the country, where it exists - said in his speech Roman Yerohov, PhD, Head of Ukrainian public organization "Osteopathy Ukraine " . - Osteopathy - a system of alternative medicine that treats not illness and its cause. It is a systematic approach to the human body, its perception as a whole. Violation of structural and analytical relationships between bodies and body parts in osteopathy considered underlying causes of most diseases. I am pleased to note that this case deals in your land known dentist George Kinash who trained in many countries - the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, tv others. He not only treats teeth, and there osteopath, posturolohom and podolohom.

- physiological phenomenon support posture and balance of the human body - "posturu" and examines the modern medical profession - posturolohiya - said Yuri Kinash. - "Sensors equilibrium" in our body - eye, teeth, feet and vestibular apparatus. Regulate the balance of muscles, fascia and bundles. Any violation of the "sensor " lead to changes in the structures that regulate the balance of the body - the muscles, fascia and bundles.

Yuri Ivanovich showed several colleagues present several functional devices to be used for treatment. For example, a computer stabiloanalizator that quickly "reveals" various violations of the human body. It is clear that there was a professional dialogue. Among the guests was a doctor from Moldova Sorin merchant who is engaged and Chinese traditional medicine. He believes that the key to health has four components - nutrition, food, sex life and movement.

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4-10-2016, 14:37

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