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This year for the farmers became difficult not only on productivity, but examination of survival - through tax changes.
These changes strangling agribusiness, especially medium and small enterprises. Moreover, next year expected to completely remove the special regime of VAT.

- From what farmers sold, 20 percent remained in his special accounts - says Lily BORTYCH, chairman of the Association of Agricultural Producers Bukovina, Deputy Regional Council. - These funds are used to purchase seeds, crop protection, fuel. That is, they can not be used to purchase luxury goods. And that's good because we were able to plant and harvest. However, since January last year, the government began to use the agricultural industry as a cash cow. First abolished fixed tax. His pereformatuvaly the simplified system of taxation and a half years it has increased in 41 times. Also excluded from this year spetsrezhymu take 50 percent of the money earned on livestock and 85 - on the crop. And with the 2017 plan to transform agricultural production in the overall tax system. So completely remove the special VAT regime. We advocate to return to the tax system, which functioned until 2016, or at least stay on the conditions that are present. Then be able to stop the rise in food prices. Already, the consumption of meat in Ukraine is 64% of the recommended by the Ministry of Health, milk - 55 fish - 43 fruits and berries - 75 percent. If the situation does not change taxes, further price increases will be even more painful for the citizens. So, shortly milk can cost 18 hryvnia per liter, yogurt - 21 hryvnia per liter, oil (250 grams) - 40 hryvnia. The cost of bread will increase by 2-4 hryvnia per loaf. At 8-15 hryvnia more expensive kilo of pork and beef.

We launched a round table with the participation of MPs, Bukovina, but next week will hold a warning strike also at RSA. Miss the chance to protect the industry we can not.

The first meeting of farmers was held last Tuesday with MP Gregory Timis.

- Agricultural industry - now the only one that can bring billions in profits Ukraine - says Stephen HLIHOR of Novoselychchyny, Agrarnik with 50 years of experience. - Russia will not allow us to its market, the EU allocates scarce goods to our quota. So much so that imported meat and apples from Poland and we varymosya jus. We do not want subsidies from the government because they are issued with setbacks. Leave us a form of taxation, which was in 2015, we do raise agricultural sector.
- Subsidies, which promises the government allocated mostly on paper, but they can actually get, at best, a half or two years - said Semen HOVORNYAN of Novoselytsya area. - After all, why give subsidies to those who keeps 500 cows, and those who have 10-15 cows does not need financial aid?

Farmers Timis asked Gregory whether he would support their claims.

- Serious discussion of the budget for next year has not happened yet, it only made for consideration - said the MP. - Develop concrete proposals, and I am ready to support you in Parliament. I think that the same position is shared by my colleagues in Bukovina. After all, they are not alone.

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30-09-2016, 15:07

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