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In Chernivtsi secondary school for children with special needs z_amp_ # 96; appeared sensory room.

Equip the room helped correctional finalist of competition " Miss Ukraine 2016 " Alina Agnolo. The girl has allocated 10 thousand UAH.

- I would Zabdi special help to children who suffer from Down syndrome, because they are really sincere and good, but very vulnerable and unprotected. It is important to provide them with care, support and development of young children - says the girl.

Director of Chernivtsi special school №3 Olga DOBRZHANSKA said that their school many children who need intensive care. Equip sensory room dream long ago, and there was no money.

-In our school enrolled 134 students. All children - with intellectual disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism. So to them need a special approach to help them adapt to society - said Mrs. Olga. - The sensory room has all the necessary equipment.

Before the establishment of the office joined all the teachers have their own repairs for state funds bought new furniture and Alina Agnolo ensured toys and equipment. Toys for all ecologically clean, with only wood. They are very expensive and only release them in Brussels.
- where children develop fine motor skills fingers, and this is what activates the cortex. This room also need to make with the children could learn colors, shapes. Here they learn even basic household items, buttoned button, drag the zipper, zav_amp_ # 96; yazaty laces. For these children, it is extremely difficult to do, says the director.

The sensory room can engage all students of the school, and Ms Olga says that there is much more effective work with young children.

- Kids are more susceptible. Fine motor skills develop from an early age. For older we have a subject " welfare orientation " . During the lesson they are taught to use the knife, peeling potatoes. They learn to sew, iron, wash ... even food to take train for these children is difficult - the director.

- Our main objective - the socialization of the child in society. The child does not feel different, in contact with healthy children. We are actively working on it, and I assure you who have not seen these kids before, in grade 9 does not distinguish them from fully healthy children. We need new equipment, new effective opportunities for socialization. Now we need gadgets, dinnerware sets, table where they could and eat and work. All of the money, which we lack. So when the room is ready - depends on volunteers and caring people and patrons - says Ms. Olga.

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30-09-2016, 11:24

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