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The Department of zdorov_amp_ # 96; I OSA reported that the total number of inpatient hospital beds after optimization should be no more than 30 beds per 10,000 population, whereas in 2015 this figure was over 75 beds per 10,000 population.

optimization is carried out in two stages. First in some hospitals already had a second completed before the new year.

- Optimization - not always cuts - said Ivan Shkrobanets, chief physician Hlyboka district hospital, which has changed. - Yes, we have had a first optimization. The hospital eliminated and Traumatology ENT department, moving beds to surgical. Some doctors also went to work in the surgical department, another part - in the other.

However, the hospital opened round the clock medicinal post surgery.

- all the same happens with people, including at night. So always be on-site surgeon. It also saves time when people need help the surgeon - says Ivan Shkrobanets. - Also, we have established a non-stop position in X-ray study.

According to the chief doctor, because the first stage of optimization fired several nurses, some retired nurses. Doctors have not yet released.

In Khotyn district hospital first stage of optimization just started. It has 265 beds, 46 of them offer cut now. The biggest change is the ENT and casualty department. They also want to unite with surgery. In medustanovi has calculated that more than a dozen workers subject to reductions.

The hospital administration said that during the second phase of optimization are completed by the end of this year, have cut another 36 beds.

- People are concerned because they want to have a permanent job - say in the hospital.
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30-09-2016, 10:41

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