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September 30 Orthodox and Greek Catholics commemorate Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia, who suffered for the Christian faith. Ukraine also celebrate adoption.

As the rector of the church in Chernivtsi Father Vladimir Plischke, Sophia gave birth to three daughters and gave them names according to the three Christian virtues - faith, hope and love. In this spirit, and brought them out. Rumors of strange girls and their mother came to the Roman Emperor Hadrian. All four he called to court and forced to renounce Christianity, but they were steadfast in their faith. Then the children tortured, and a few days later from suffering and their mother died. It happened about 137 years. Church ranked sisters and their mother a saint.

- Once this day women are allowed not to work, not even perform housework - says ethnographer Nikolai Shkribliak. - Instead, they were loud cry, as did St. Sophia executed by their children. These tears were a kind of talisman to protect his family from grief, illness and trouble. As usual, belonged to cry even those who were on the fate of sin to complain. Married women go to church and put candles in front of images of saints Faith, Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia asked them protection and protection for their children. A girl asked good men " .
His birthday is celebrated women with names Faith, Hope, Love and Sofia. It was believed that the girl, who was born on this day, has extraordinary wisdom can create comfort in the house and bring prosperity. Traditional gifts for the birthday girl is amulets and icons depicting the Holy Martyrs.

On this day, watching the cranes if they fly, then Protection (October 14) will be cold, but not - winter will be late.

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