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The conflict between social organization " Amir " and society " Ice Arena Chernivtsi " at a session Chernivtsi city council decided to settle " settlement " . In particular, the deputies at the session made a decision, so that municipal enterprise "Bukovina " addressed to the director of the company Paul Field, so that he held meeting of founders. And they consider a contract for the rental of premises " Amir " .

More correspondent told about it Head of the Legal Department of the Chernivtsi City Council Oleksandr Shiba .

-Zaraz will immediately prepare an appeal. Extremely short terms - up to 10 days. Of course, Paul Field may hold such meetings and by day, if enough things such as the adequacy and understanding, an understanding that this is a large number of children, their parents, - said A. Shiba. - The main motive that threw the session - is that there is some corruption component that we did something to intervene. We will not interfere. We through business partnerships, where the City Council is co-founder, in a procedure which involves the charter of the society, try to resolve the situation with the head of a commercial entity, where we co-founders. That is our message of this.

Alexander Shiba notes that this case relations City Council business entity, where the City Council is co-founder, is very revealing. And then the question is not even in " Ice Arena " or " Amiri " and that the example of this situation, the City Council will see whether to cooperate in this form of commercial companies in the future.

-If we do not find an adequate mechanism to address that situation, we need to examine the general participation of the City Council in the company - says O.Shyba. - And then, thanks to Paul Field, we can give up some interesting forms of work, such as a business entity. This is the first and worst option. A little bit better if we now understand the situation here, knowing that there are negatives associated with any subjective element manager will have to further consider these things with the participation of other businesses in option creation. So it is extremely important situation in the City Council not only to " Amir " but also for the city council as a whole. Because now the head of a commercial entity, where we actually co-founders simply refuses to adequately communicate with us. And we can not get through to him. This is a very serious problem. I think this is a matter entirely subjective. There is very little jurisprudence. The man was in a certain position.

Value share capital in favor of the City Council, admits head yurupravlinnya

-ratio votes in the LLC statute " Ice Arena Chernivtsi " : 38.99 % of capital owned by the municipal sports and recreation company " Bucovina " , Paul the Field is owned 61.01% of the share capital, - said A. Shiba. - However, we warned ourselves in the strategic plan. According to the statute, the arena can not be alienated society and can not serve as collateral, mortgage. It should be used for other purposes, such as sports and aesthetic education. That is, unless a circuit element used aferyzmu we insured pretty powerful. In fact, we can only recommend the Field Paul agree with " Amir " . Still, I think he would listen to our recommendations.

At the same time to talk with Alexander correspondent Shyboyu City Council in the hallway between sessions in September 29 involved Basil ZABRODSKYY . His attitude to the " Ice Arena " He explained that there are in the company of the Deputy Director of Public Communications on a voluntary basis.

- In the field are 61 percent of the company. The City Council today may initiate anything. But if Field does not vote, then the project will fail, - said V. Zabrodskyy. - Without it, no one not collect fees. It will not be with " Amir " any arrangements. After this pig ( refers to the head of the group dances Innu Demchuchenu - author. ) came and nasrala middle of the house, with her no one will agree.

Recall head dance school "Emir " Inna Demchuchena asked Chernivtsi City Council to help resolve the issue of paying rent for the use of premises "Ice pad " for lessons children.

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