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11-year-old Elinka Filipchuk was killed during an accident at Kam_amp_ # 96; yantsem-Podolsky. The girl was riding in a car with her mother. When faced with another Elinka by car from matir_amp_ # 96; S hit with a heavy condition in hospital. The girl died, and Her mother is in a coma .

In the school lobby created a memorial corner for his schoolgirl. At a small table outspread mantle schoolgirl Elinky, it is a school ID badge. Next set autumn flowers, lit candles. Round table revolve children. Girls small stature alarmed, hugging. With frightened children look forward faces themselves are silent.

Elinka joined the school this year, studied at p_amp_ # 96; fifth grade.

- Today was supposed to be Elinky dedication to the students, the day began with prayer for the repose of her - said through tears Galina Abram_amp_ # 96; UK, deputy director of the Chernivtsi gymnasium №5. - Unfortunately, tragically ended the life of this little angel. Yesterday she came to school excited. Complained that headache. The day before had been wounded our men and daddy girls - at the front. Elina always perepuskala through everything that happens where there is danger to the soldiers. It was a real untilit for his dad. Worried for him.

" So hard to talk about the child in the past - said Halyna, adjusting student ticket for a memorial table girl. - For a young life " .

According to G. Abram_amp_ # 96; UK, the girl felt as if his death and the day of death badly felt.

- Yesterday after the first lesson went to school Elinky mother, asked her vidprosyty to walk. For the child does not feel well. Maybe easier would it cost, - says Galina Abram_amp_ # 96; UK. - Of course, there is a statement of parents. My mother came and took the baby. Yesterday was the last lesson of girls in school.

While talking with the head teacher, to the table fits excited girl.

- Vidprosylasya get out of class and came here. Elinka was my girlfriend - said Catherine Kosovo, Elinky classmate. - It was very good, always shared everything with everyone. Learn unrealistic now, all thoughts of Elinku.

Valentine Filipchuk - volunteer ATO father Elinky. The last time they saw the first of September.

- In line side was modest soldier, and after the celebrations came closer. He rushed the girl on the neck. It was Elinka and her father - recalls Galina Abramyuk. - Dad broke for a day of service in order to greet his daughter from the beginning of the school year. Elinka was very happy his arrival.

Valentine Filipchuk first went to Kam_amp_ # 96; yantsya-Podolsky Chernivtsi along with the chaplain to pick up the body of his daughter.
Elinky mother is in hospital in a serious condition. Whether she survives, no one knows.

How to help your family?
The money for burial and treatment Elinky her mother gather volunteers of the city. To transfer funds, can call Galina Abram_amp_ # 96; UK phone number - 050-374-19-91.

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