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On Wednesday, September 28, members of District Council Sokyryany tested a new system for voting.

According to North Bessarabskiy informatsiyhny portal this year came into effect changes to the law of Ukraine on local government, which Parliament ordered local councils to decide the format roll-call vote. The process of voting at sessions of the district council took to much time. Thus, in Sokyriany decided to buy an electronic system for voting.

It consists of an electronic system, laptop, and tablet for each deputy.

Before the session, each deputy has to register, get a tablet and a password. After the session, the plates should " pass " . When charging the tablet will miss the entire period of the session, plan to organize technical break. MPs testing system had before it comments.

To the deputies worked, not fun, the program blocks access to the " Internet " . The program allows MPs to speak recorded using the tablet, as well as online mode to make corrections and suggestions to the proposed draft decision. Will automatically save all election results and protocols formation session in pdf-files.

Thus, not all MPs managed just "friends" with touch tablet.

As the chairman of the district council Vasyl Kozak " a system of electronic voting started to do the job Sokyryany district local government as transparent and open to all residents of the area " .

" With our system implemented electronic circulation of documents, and a significant saving on paper. At the next session of the district council has no plans printed out draft decisions, and will save paper, because all documents MPs can see in the online mode on tablets, which highlights information " - said Vasyl Kozak.

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29-09-2016, 16:15

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