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The head of the school dance "Emir " Inna Demchuchena asked Chernivtsi City Council to help resolve the issue of payment of rent for the use of premises "Ice pad " for playing children.

Today at the session of the Chernivtsi City Council it appealed to deputies from the podium, reports

In particular, she said that the school 'Amir "has been around for 10 years, seven of which she rents space entrepreneur Paul Field. According to her, recently raised Paul Field School "Emir " rent 5000 USD 25 000 per month.

"He did not give us any documents. We was asked to draw up a lease, or otherwise legally legitimize the relationship, but this declined. Our questions: " Why even 25,000? "He said, "Because not 30 " - said the head of the school.

she also noted that during the last 5 years the entrepreneur is not heats the room where involved pupils school "Emir ", while the media Field said, which had raised the rent by a substantial increase in utility tariffs.

also Inna Demchuchena said that currently the Field turned off the electricity in the room, which involved pupils of the school and replaced the lock from the door.

"Please impact to school dances not appeared on the streets ", - she said to the deputies.

Head of Economics Yaroslav Horodenskyy confirmed that the "Emir " appealed to the ministry statements. However, he said that venture which is jointly owned by the city council and entrepreneur Field, should generate profits.

This statement responded to a journalist Vasyl Zabrodskyy.

"The City Council has nothing to this company. The fact that Mr. Horodenskyy claims that they should have a profit, you penny there is not invested. Field took millions of dollars in loans to build the property. He it now uses. All vidbuvatsya today - a provocation organized Horodenskym "- said Zabrodskyy.

"not speculate children do not go to the podium and did not cry. If you want help from City Council, even today session will decide on the financial support your school and pay your rent. A room that built the field, he will use as he sees fit "- exclaimed Zabrodskyy.

After that, emotionally speaking Mayor Alex Kaspruk.

"None of you are sitting MPs, not umyye hands of this problem. No! We have created a communal enterprise, there is a fraction of the community. And I will not allow, in order Zabrodskyy or someone else told, that "went all of you not care, you do not will there be. " these are our children Chernivtsi, this is our Chernivtsi family. They are co-owners of that land, for which today are required to afford Zabrodskomu and field 25 thousand "- Kaspruk said, announcing a break in the session to 14.30.

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29-09-2016, 14:03

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