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Fraction " Freedom " in the Chernivtsi City Council not discussed at the meeting of his faction the issue of election of the secretary of Chernivtsi City Council not ready to vote for making this issue on the agenda of today's session.

This correspondent reported before the session of 29 September head of " Freedom " Andrew Ilyuk Chernivtsi City Council :

- I think that these issues must be discussed at a meeting of the faction. And if someone from deputies of this initiative, we will definitely take a break and decide what to do, - assured Andrew Ilyuk. - Maybe we'll take a break for a few minutes and quickly define, if I succeed. And, perhaps, we will ask the deputies to take a break for one or several days in order to decide on the matter. In any case, these issues are discussed in the faction and be sure to take this break.

When asked if heard deputy of proposals as secretary to nominate faction leader " Hometown " Vasyl Prodan, Andrew Ilyuk replied that he had heard only the proposal of MP Maxim Bourbaki

-I neither of whom have not heard of such initiatives. I heard that Maxim Bourbaki nominated Vasyl Prodan. When Maxim Bourbaki offers something uniquely makes it so that " Freedom " is not supported. So I think if he wants to, so that no one supported Vasyl Prodan to this position, then it is necessary, in order Maxim Bourbaki is offered.

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29-09-2016, 13:48

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