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Chernivtsi City Council removed from the agenda of the six questions concerning the creation of an industrial park in the city, as well as market "Wealth ".

As the session hall reporter molbuk.ua, on the proposal of deputy "hometown " Vladimir Beshleya remove from the agenda the question "On granting Ltd " West Bukovina " of land at Ruska str, 248 for the placement and operation of buildings and constructions of road transport and road sector, "" on approval of the project allotment to change the purpose and provision Ltd " West Bukovina " land at Ruska str, 248-K for the maintenance of buildings, "" on consideration of the appeal Ltd " West Bukovina " to provide land at vul.Ruska- utility for arranging travel "" on consideration of the appeal Ltd " West Bukovina " to permit the installation of free and permanent servitude on part of the land at Ruska str, 248 " "on consideration of the appeal Ltd " Investment Alliance " for permission to change the purpose and the drafting of land allocation at vul.Kalynivska 13-D " and "About WFP appeals consideration " cord " to provide land at Ruska str, 248-L to service commercial premises "voted 22 deputies.

Beshley argued his proposal that these issues "business related MP Maxim Bourbaki ".

"Please support the decision Land Commission and remove from the agenda the issues that directly affect people's deputy Maxim Bourbaki and its business " West Bukovina "" Cord ", " Invest Alliance . "you know that times are once again trying to push these issues through the city council. I ask now, before the media, put the issue of exclusion 6 on the agenda, " - said Beshley.

This Mayor Alex Kaspruk said:

"I would like to comment on the " businessmen who are trying to push through. "Council on these matters can not be determined. And all the questions that are not addressed in the session, they are included in the agenda. The issue of the market "Bucovina ", which has to do with the representative of your faction, were introduced to the session 2 or 3 years. It is not necessary here to say that someone is trying something push ".

Of the 37 deputies present in the hall voted 22 "For ", 1 - against, 6 - and 8 abstentions - did not vote.

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29-09-2016, 11:58

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