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In Bukovina on the ground " Pryban " Storozhynechchyni began to study with territorial defense. They drew all power structures areas: police, rescue, border guards, Security and authorities.

These studies Bukovina first place, said Chernivtsi regional military commissar, chief of staff of territorial defense, Vladimir Shvedyuk writes molbuk.ua

-Sohodni we started training on territorial defense of our region - said in . Shvedyuk. - These learning in our region for the first time. The theme of the exercise - keeping, planning territorial defense. We have a number of training places. Among the educational activities that we will be: strengthening border and a ban penetration sabotage and reconnaissance groups, the prohibition of trafficking separatist literature. There will also be an educational point by shooting a gun, you can almost shoot a Kalashnikov. Trying burning public buildings, there will be national police work, prevent arson, terrorist attacks. In the shown blocking, disarmament, and in case of refusal to disarm - the destruction of the illegal formation.

also showed reporters weapons and special means, which are in the security forces. Rescuers extinguished a fire in a field, and the group had spetspryznachentsiv patrol section of the border checkpoint, organization, retention and search the car, which provozytsya smuggling.

In general, the exercises involved about 200 people. They will be held in each district separately and 29 September will total regional training in designated areas of command. Last three days.

Photo Basil Salyha

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27-09-2016, 19:46

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