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In Bukovina first talked to each other bishops of the two largest Orthodox churches. During the opening of the village Vaslovivtsi Zastavnivsky area monument Metropolitan Eugene Hakman , religious, social, political and cultural figures, the first Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia, memorial lithium jointly celebrated metropolitan Bukovina Chernivtsi and UOC KP Daniel (pictured) and metropolitan Bukovina Chernivtsi and Meletios UOC MP.

After this first time in 30 years, a conversation between two masters. This portal Bukovina Today Metropolitan Daniel said:

- I was approached by Bishop Meletios to give Gakman photograph Metropolitan Eugene. I certainly accept it, but Bishop said that the photographs of Eugene Gakman spread our church back in the 90s of the last century, and now we are distributing parishioners icons Eugene Gakman. In our cathedral church of st. Paraskeva the Serbian Metropolitan Hakman is a saint in the icon. Generally I find it holy.

- Did you have contact with priests UOC-MP?

- Yes, it was. Priests MP approached to ask is - or will be in the sky are the people we commandments? I told them that if a person is worthy of God's grace, it is no big deal funeral ritual, it will be in heaven. If a person is a sinner, that confession is not important, it will not be right with God. I also added that Metropolitan Jonah, who ruled in 1448 in the Moscow Patriarchate announced pidkoryannya not Constantinople. In response Constantinople declared anathema to Moscow. 140 years was such that the Moscow Patriarchate was not recognized. This fact, I often think, because we like to throw something like that representatives of MP. But we are in their country and patriarchy in our own - Kyiv.

- O, for all the years of Ukrainian independence, you first talked alone with Bishop UOC-MP?

Thus, the first time was candid, constructive conversation. Even then we agreed to meet again, of course, if dotrymayemosya this pledge, given by one another. I once attempted to meet with Bishop Onufrii yet, but he did not want to talk and turned away. UOC-MP is priests who want to communicate with our clergy, but they are afraid.
I, as an ordinary Orthodox, it is a good signal that there was such a meeting and conversation. I'm happy with it.

MP losing ground, losing support in the community. And, there were many lies, which were given by historical facts, and it is this true dissolve. I asked Bishop Meletius speak Gospel truth, but not because I want someone. A lie we can not build any church nor state and reach heaven.

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