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In the last period there have been some significant changes in the calculation of subsidies. Acting Director of Social Welfare Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Yuriy Piven roz_amp_ # 96; yasnyv several innovations, says

Thus, this year introduced the concept of "benefit or subsidy. " "Before first benefit is accounted for, and the rest fell in subsidies. Now people have to decide: benefit or subsidy. When a person has a benefit in the amount of 75-100% for all members sim_amp_ # 96; nd - is involved in the fighting or war invalids - it is clear that benefit them more profitable. people who are 50% of benefits, must be well to consider that it is cheaper, and people with 25% of benefits - children of war, privilege is valid only for this man, clearly, we must give up benefits and sit on the system of subsidies because subsidies usually covers 60% of public spending, and poor people much more - says Yuri Piven. - Extremely attractive subsidies malozamozhnym citizens living in one- or two-bedroom apartment, usually in winter they pay 150-200 hryvnia, the state pays the rest, because they are there within normalization ".

In addition, introducing innovations for different groups.

Thus, the people who this year retired and not working to calculate the subsidy based on income in the last month. Instead employed pensioners take account of income for the previous year.

People who have reached adulthood and are not automatically count the income of 2 living wage is USD 2900; so that the work will count subsidy according to income person. "Tough but fair. And this amount is not particularly affect the amount of subsidies " - adds Rooster.

Revenues students who do not work and do not get a scholarship, so to count as a living wage - 1450 UAH.

For those who served in the army, revenues count as half a living wage, more than 700 UAH.

The changes also apply to tenants homes. To sim_amp_ # 96; I, who rents an apartment, could pay less in fees, you can submit the lease and issue subsidy to undocumented residents of the apartment. Another way - to get a subsidy can the owner of the apartment. "But mostly the owner lives elsewhere and prepares the subsidy that house. Two - you can not. So often tenants remain without subsidies. If it is possible to register in the apartment of someone from relatives, let them register and at least this man draws subsidies "- said the Rooster.

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Join "MB " in social networks VK , Classmates , Facebook
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