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If MPs vote for the candidature of the MP from the faction " Hometown " Basil Sold as secretary of the City Council of Chernivtsi, they need to somehow then explain to your voters. After all, they actually vote for a man who was warden of Chernivtsi under President Yanukovych. Then is perhaps just hang a portrait of Yanukovych in the session hall.

So the irony of fate commented The mayor of Chernivtsi Alex Kaspruk in his briefing to journalists question the situation with the election of the Secretary, wrote Alexander remembered Kaspruk and the appearance deputy Rostislav Bilyk, who after a year of absence appeared and promised to attend the session.

- wait. Basil Safronovych said that everything will be according to the law - the publication, discussion of candidates. So I hope to stick to their word and this session will make no vote - said the mayor. - Has another signatory. However, I do not know. So as says the sick. Rostislav Romanovich. He says he did not know that this session of the place, its looking for. Very much sick ... Well, I see that " Bukovynian mile " mileage. On Thursday, September 22, the budget committee did not come. The Commission has not taken place. Well, come to the session - will run together ... something like that ... I clearly understand the voting power in the " hometown " as a clear understanding votes friends, godparents, business partners, Basil subordinates sold to other political forces. It's possible to count.

- From the very beginning it was clear picture: all depends on the position of the two political forces: " Solidarity " or " Homeland " - conducting measures. - I suggested: guys, you have experience, you have the opportunity. Let's Secretary of " Solidarity " . Well, " Solidarity " at least twice tried. From " homeland " there were no attempts. Will be signed - this means that a person who has been superintendent for Chernivtsi times Yanukovych subscribe representatives " Freedom " , " Selfreliance " , " Homeland " , " Solidarity " . All. Point. This will be their discussion with their voters. Have they talked to voters about this course of events, as they went to the polls? There is a law, there is authority to the Secretary ... I mean, incidentally, said Prodan. There are powers of the mayor, members of ... work. I'm ready for this development. So, then, yes. Sold secretary? Well, povishu portrait of Yanukovych in the session hall. We will be the first such city council. I understand that this process will continue. And once Yanukovych's portrait will hang in the Kiev offices. Canceled at wicks Revolution dignity ... So ATO and will to live. I can not get into the head of each deputy, asked not to take political bribes ... You all see, anyone that says who does what, who both vote ...

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27-09-2016, 08:41

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