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The family of Bernik Beregomet not find a man without talent - all parents and children continue the tradition of Ukrainian crafts. Mother Helena lifetime embroiders clothes and towels - threads and beads. Family skills passed two daughters - Natalia and Galina. In embroidery, Easter egg daughters seized, and senior Natalie also iconography and painting.

" We have no special education "

It all started with a desire to fill up the museum collections because people are not very willing to give back their work and exhibit usually do not change.

- Workers were told that before Easter they go to the priests in the churches, asking pysanochky, restore them. So set a goal - to carry them (the museum - author.) eggs to have people to see that a lot of good in our region. This spring Gal (sister - Ed.) wrote these eggs. Museum staff were very surprised that we brought them themselves, for free, for people not bring their works to the museum. Word for word, what else vypytaly are doing and we told that draw, embroider. Generally we have creative family, all do. We have no special education, education in our higher economic, but there is a great desire to create. The curator of our exhibition, not seeing our work, in addition to eggs, offered to arrange a family show. All summer sister wrote eggs, and I customized icons and paintings. The exhibition did we do for ourselves, but to inspire others, encourage creativity, because God gives everyone equal talents, but develops them every - says Natalia Red .

On Wednesday, September 21, masters of Chernivtsi put up a museum. " There were many people, our friends. On Wednesday, the museum off, but after opening it worked " , - says Natalya.

" Many ideas were born during sleep "

paintings and icons woman writes paints based on linseed oil and pine resin paints or brushes and fingers - as is inspiration. Obov_amp_ # 96; compulsory ritual before starting work - a sincere prayer and lit a candle church, " because it is very difficult spiritual work, which is not visible, but significantly, - says Natalya. - Every image I wrote with the help of God. The first written " Trinity " then " Neopalymu Bush " , where the mother of God, many angels and I had a lot of doubts if I can, or do good, or to set about the matter. Because, you know, images - this is a very big responsibility. And I had the archangel Michael, who said that I was going the right way, and we must not doubt always have to believe in themselves. So I have had no right to retreat. Each work of God took my hand and helped. Many ideas were born in a dream, there were processions, travel, books, holidays, signs - each image so born " .

According to her, every icon takes a lot of time - up to six months, although admits paint can and rapid method. Sometimes a woman working on two icons at a time, until one dries, another begins. But " icons want so that nourished them, and should be a condition of inspiration " - says Natalia.

" does not sell, just give "

His younger sister Galina Bernik Easter eggs taught Natalia, which once took lessons in Beregomet of pysanka Mary Hornbeam. Watching the work of Natasha, Galina and myself learned to write.

- We have always been healthy competition, it does something, and I have it on repeat. Since the first eggs passed for 15 years, usually writing before the holidays. We do not sell, but simply give friends and relatives " - says Galina.

Patterns on the egg is " of the head " , elements of looking at the ornaments of Ukrainian churches and yet - Italian basil, who visited this year. Woman admits: eggs are too small she wants to try on ostrich and large derev_amp_ # 96; wooden. Engaged pysankarskymy and unusual techniques, such as etching - patterns when burned with acid.

His work Galina does not consider masterpieces, and said: " I do not think I have a talent, this can make every " .

talent can boast not only the woman, Galina says that the main inspiration is their father, who sewed their clothes since childhood, and now for the exhibition fashioned Easter egg in each derev_amp_ # 96; Ian base. " All that we know - this is due to parents. They brought us creative, love for traditions, taught not to sit idly by " , - says Galina.

- Older people are saying until Easter egg and written kolyaduyutsya carols at Christmas, before spin while Earth. We must support her, because it makes a great strength of mind - adds Natalia.

masters work can be seen in the museum Chernivtsi to 10 October.

The material of the creative family, see the p_amp_ # 96; yatnychnomu room "MB "
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